Egyptian Journalist Dressed Up as Jew and You Won’t Believe What Happens Next

muslims jews

It’s much the same thing that happens in Malmo or Paris.

Obama’s Def Sec “Iraqis Showed No Will to Fight” Neither Did Obama


It took televised genocide to get Obama to stand up to ISIS

Obama Asks China to Investigate its Own Cyber Attacks on America

tienanmen tank square

Also can we ask China to investigate reports of tanks running over Democracy protesters?

Washington Post Proves Welfare Recipients Don’t Waste Their Money Using Science


Some ideas are so stupid that only an overeducated person would assert them.

The Strange Form of Affirmative Action Raising the Price of Construction


Here’s a little sample of why we can’t afford to actually build anything.

Even Bernie Sanders Polling Better Among Dems Than Martin O’Malley


O’Malley is actually tied with None of These.

Did Obama Say That Anti-Israel Policies that are Pro-Palestinian are Okay?


Obama is distinguishing between two types of anti-Israel policies.

How Does Obama Plan to Make “Palestinians” a “Free People On Their Land”?


Obama champions tyranny and terror and puts the blame on Israel.

Bloomberg Takes Tobacco Ban to Dictatorships

Michael Bloomberg’s reign was filled with accusations of totalitarian tics.

PBS Hack Ken Burns: We’re in the Middle of Another Civil War


“I am drafting you now into a new Union Army.”