Somalia’s Al Shabaab Now Moving into Domestic Terrorism in US


What makes us vulnerable to Al Shabaab is the Somalis living in the US.

Saudi King More Willing Than Obama to Say Islamic Terrorism


Obama is being more Islamic than the Saudi King.

Muslim Who Stabbed Americans for Not Being Muslim Won’t Be Charged w/Hate Crime


Obviously not. That would ruin the narrative.

Was Fire in World’s Fifth Tallest Residential Building in Dubai Caused by Poor Construction?


Foreigners are spending fortunes on property in a medieval dictatorship

New Anti-Cop Protests Whine: “It Was Just a Rock”


“You should be free to attack cops without getting shot.”

The Media’s Cynical Scott Walker Game


Whatever he says, the media gets to attach him to a negative story.

ISIS Now Demanding Women They Rape Wear Double Veils


ISIS Jihadists have two things on their mind. Raping women and covering them up.

Kerry: ISIS Jihadists Angry Over Lack of Access to “Fancy Restaurants”


Maybe he can invite them to one.

If You Call ISIS, ISIS, You’re Only Helping ISIS


If we acknowledge their existence, they win.

Muslims at UK University Host “Dear White People” Screening w/No White People Allowed


We’re making so much progress so fast that we’re going backward in time.

Dem Chairman Molests Little Girls, Tries to Have Them Killed


This guy really makes Joe Biden look like an amateur.

Obama Loves America…


Except for the middle class whose health insurance he took away

MSNBC to Move Away From Left-Wing TV


Maybe it’s time to just sell out to Al Jazeera?

Debbie Wasserman Schultz in Embarrassing Battle w/Potheads


“Once I get outside the borders of Polk County. I might… I might smoke a lot of grass.”

Muslim Terrorist Wanted SuperVolcano Explosion in Yellowstone

US Geological Survey

An explosion like that could kill thousands

Iraq War Vet Dem Congresswoman Shoots Down Obama’s ISIS Jobs Claim


“They are not fueled by a materialistic motivation, it’s actually a theological,”

Collapsing Socialist Regime in Venezuela Escalates Crackdown


“They took him by force, they hit him.”

Obama to Hold Talks w/Taliban Leaders He Freed


Now we know why Obama is freeing so many terrorists from Gitmo

Obama Inc. Wants “Peaceful Solution” to ISIS Beheading of Christians

obama egypt

“We want the issues solved in Libya to be done peacefully”

Vanderbilt Law Prof Edward L. Rubin Denounces “International Jewish Conspiracy” for Supporting Republicans

edward l rubin

“I want to let you know that I have become an opponent of Israel.”