ObamaCare’s Glitch Girl Finally Leaves Sinking Ship


“Marilyn will be remembered for her leadership in opening the Health Insurance Marketplace.”

Majority of White and Hispanic New Yorkers Say Sharpton is a Negative Force

20110815-ch riots 6

A majority of New Yorkers said Sharpton has too much influence over Bill de Blasio

Intel Funnels “Diversity” Cash to Racist Charlie Hebdo Critic


Instead of sponsoring censors, maybe Intel could try funding free speech.

Romney is Running Because He’s the Closest Thing to a Compromise Candidate


Romney can win the primaries by being the least objectionable candidate.

Muslim Author: The Koran is Guilty of the Paris Massacres


The killers do not kill for nothing, they kill in the name of books, fatwas…

NYTimes Editor Doubles Down: Don’t Offend Muslims, Offend Catholics and Jews


Offending Jews and Catholics is fine. But don’t you dare offend a Muslim.

Majority of Black New Yorkers Believe #BlackLivesMatter Protesters Should Be Arrested


A larger percent of Democrats than Blacks think they should be allowed to block traffic

Majority of New Yorkers Blame De Blasio for Bad Relations w/Cops


White New Yorkers disapprove of De Blasio’s handling of race relations 58 to 35 percent.

Majority of Americans: Obama Won’t Do What It Takes to Beat Terrorists


Hashtags. Freeing them from prison. Locking up people who offend them.

#BlackLivesMatter Racist Hate Groups are Brought to You by George Soros


Anyone who had their store burned by Soros rioters may want to send him the bill.

Why are the Hip Hop Awards so Black?


Hollywood is more diverse than the NBA

Obama to Add to $18 Trillion Debt w/$4 TrillionBudget


Obama wants a 7% budget hike

Islamophobia Bigwig in France Says Protecting Synagogues, Not Mosques, is Double Standard


How could we have forgotten all those incidents of Jews massacring Muslims in France?

Progressives Go Full Denial in Response to Muslim Terror Attacks


The great explainers whose explanation is that we should ignore everything

Haitians Protest Clinton Foundation Over Missing Recovery Cash

Hillary Rodham Clinton, Bill Clinton

The flat broke Clintons needed it more than the homeless Haitians.

A Year From Now You’ll Never Have to Hear About Lena Dunham Again

You didn't really want to see a picture of Lena Dunham here

The numbers are out for the fourth season of HBO’s Girls… and they’re ugly.

Another Muslim Convert Caught in Terror Plot, to Bomb US Capitol


“He never showed any signs of violence or anything.”

Obama Jokes Forbidden, but Boston Globe Can Joke About Killing Boehner


“If a commenter said this about Obama, the FBI would be at their door.”

This May Be the Best Cartoon Response to the Charlie Hebdo Massacre


“No, you can’t murder our freedom.”

Top Member of Obama Supported Terror Group Vows “Retaliation” Against US

“Allah will gather them so that we can kill them.”