Social Justice Warrior Twitter Mobs are the Same Old Left


You get this same kind of thing from old Commies

Mayor Arms French Cops, Accused of Turning City into Wild West


“From now on, the municipal police has a new friend.”

Copenhagen Synagogue Targeted by Muslim Terrorists 30 Years Ago

muslims jews

“The heavy wooden doors of the synagogue were blown down.”

Omar El-Hussein, Copenhagen Terrorist, Freed from Jail 2 Weeks Before Attack


Hussein had been in prison for stabbing a passenger on a train

Cuban Medicine Made AIDS Even More Deadly


“Many prostituted children in Cuba are second- or third-generation.”

Copenhagen Volunteer Died to Stop Muslim Attack on Girl’s Bat Mitzva


There were 80 guests inside.

How Muslim Immigrants Have Made Copenhagen Dangerous for Jews


Islamization is the end of diversity.

Muslim Hate Crime Hoax Exploiting Chapel Hill Shootings Exposed


“I also closed my eyes and said Laa ilaha ill Allah.”

Charlie Hebdo: “We Are All Danish Tonight”

Lars Vilks on Mohammed

“We must stand firm and not be afraid.”

Copenhagen Shooting Targeted Mohammed Artist #MuslimCriticsLivesMatter


“Denmark was today hit by a cold-blooded act of terror.”

African-Americans Reject Obama’s Anti-Christian Comments

obama anti christian

Obama claimed that segregation was justified in the name of Christianity.

Lawyer Says No Way to Know if Man Who Raped and Killed Baby Suffered During Execution


“We will never know whether he experienced the intense pain of suffocation and burning.”

Pharaohphobia? Pro-Terrorist Islamic Group Says Exodus is Islamophobic


Is Pharaohphobia a thing now?

Does Anti-White Racism Need its Own Affirmative Action?

Farrakhan Civil Rights

Are we approaching peak racism?

Obama Jumps to Conclusions, Says Chapel Hill Shootings were Islamophobic


After the Boston Marathon and Fort Hood attacks, Obama warned against jumping to conclusions.

Oregon Dem Gov Resigns Over Girlfriend’s Global Warming Cash, Replaced by Bisexual


Democrats. They’re the party of families.

DNC Chooses City w/Highest Percent of Poor in America for Convention


Philly has a 27 percent poverty rate and a 50 percent illiteracy rate.

Media Mourns Dead Woman-Beating Crackhead Hamas Supporter

“If I said I was a fat thug who beat up women and sold bad coke, would you like my story?”

If Chapel Hill is a “Wake Up Call” for Atheism, When is the Wake Up Call for Islam?

Bin Laden’s Hamas Allies

How many people do Muslims have to kill before there is an official wake up call?

Muslims Plotted to Stab “Blond People” in Kidneys for “Mighty Allah”


No racism to see here.