Was Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Lost Because of Terrorism?


Terrorists want people to know what they did and why they did it.

Lean Backward: MSNBC Loses 24% of Prime Time Audience

Sharpton 1122

Only 619k tune into MSNBC

Jewish Student Reveals the Real History of Israel in 4 Minutes


This one really is worth watching

US Officials Attend Dinner Honoring Islamist Who Called for “Unceasing War Against the Americans”

Rached Ghannouchi, leader of the Islamist Ennahda movement, Tunisia's main Islamist political party, delivers a speech during a meeting regarding International Women's Day in Tunis

Ghannouchi began by blessing the mothers of the suicide bombers

Obama Inc. Spent $700,000 on Global Warming Musical

That's what $700K buys you

Didn’t someone make a Chicken Little musical already?

Biden Misquotes Teddy Roosevelt in Support of Illegal Alien Amnesty


“But where immigrants do not heartily and in good faith throw in their lot with us…”

Alan Grayson Wants $20.14 for Being Called “Chief Maggot of All Liberal Lowlifes”


“I’m willing to stand up in the face of this brutal character assassination, but I need your help.”

Please Stop Paying Attention to Laura Levites


There’s no winning strategy involved in turning a troll into a celebrity.

Pelosi: Illegal Alien Amnesty More Important Than Winning the Election


Pelosi said she “desperately” wants to pass new immigration laws

UN Appoints Muslim OIC Chair to Investigate Israel


So he can be counted to be impartial.

UN Resolution “Isolating Russia” Doesn’t Actually Mention Russia


“It is a warning to Putin to not go further or face even greater global criticism.”

The California Democratic Establishment and their Violent “Change Agent” Gangster


The Department of Homeland Security has been trying to deport Chow

FBI Raids Strike Democratic Party of Crooks Nationwide


The Democratic Party faces a major crisis of corruption.

Gun Control Senator Who Wanted to Ban Assault Rifles, Took Part in Shoulder Fired Missiles Deal


The agent told Senator Yee he wanted any type of shoulder-fired weapons or missiles

Nate Silver Proves Paul Krguman is a Phony with Statistics


Krugman is a phony and a hack. But so is the New York Times

59% of Americans Disapprove of Obama


Negative views of Obama have hit a new high

Obama So Concerned About New York Getting Nuked, He Cut Funds for Detecting Nukes in New York


Every year since he took office, Obama has proposed significant reductions

Kerry Spokeswoman: Israel Discriminating Against Muslims


Racism is the trump card in every argument.

Commies and 9/11 Truthers Fight Each Other for Control of Pacifica Radio

Power to the People!

“If this goes under, anyone to the left of NPR will have nowhere to go.”

Reid Used Campaign Funds to Buy Jewelery from Granddaughter for Donors, Koch Bros to Blame


A new generation of the Reid Crime Family is moving up the line.