Occupy Wall Street: Cowardly, Stenchy and Undeveloped

Even the '60s hippie movement, irresponsibly juvenile as it was, had focus and a sense of romantic purpose.

The “Occupy Wall Street” gatherings are not only infantile, but fail to reach any semblance of cultural history, unless mass public defecation and fornication in New York City is something new.

Even the ’60′s hippie movement, irresponsibly juvenile as it was, had focus and a sense of romantic purpose. The degenerates of that age had their actual music, their poetry, their spokesmen. That wave of public immaturity left memorabilia. They were genuine tokens, not tweets, videos, or ubiquitous and cheap electronic record so consumptive today.

Wall Street “bastards” have left nothing but their own waste. They are like children who have literally had no upbringing but TV, internet, and Sesame Street. There is no sentiment to carry their emotion, because the emotion is ugly, uninspiring and unworthy. They have no songs, no lyrics, but only infantile outrage and meaningless anger at existence. They resent their birth. (Of late, some drum groups have evolve–from sheer boredom, no doubt; but this only demonstrates more accurately the utter lack of mind and intellect involved. This is as primitive as the public can be, without words, without thought, without purpose. Just primal rage.)

The hippies of the ’60′s had a feeling of genuine exploration, deconstructive as it was. (It simply hadn’t happened before in American culture.) But the moment cannot be relived. All such imitations are doomed, for historical circumstances are essentially inimitable. Therefore, the Occupiers are lost, and without direction. Social circumstances and the political situation is different today. The level of public maturity is far less. And even a Canadian-based anarchy movement will not suffice to give meaning to the pathetic “useful idiots” in the street.

The hippies had one or two major events of public exposure. They displayed their body functions in the open. But, they were in the woods, not in public parks in the middle of crowded cities. They called it Woodstock, not Wall Street. They wanted to drop out, in a way. The Occupiers want to destroy.

But the Occupiers are not stronger, or more aggressive. They are cowardly, in fact. Or, just undeveloped. Occupy Wall Street is a kind fetal 9-11. Perhaps we can expect to seem them advised by their more violent Muslim brethren in the near future.

In the mean time, there is no serious patriot reaction to this nonsense coming from any public officials in charge. And the quasi-musical ravings of Hank Williams, Jr., far from being the true spirit of patriotism, are only an angry reaction to a personal offense. And no songs from the Tea Party (if there are any) have any status to compare with the songs from the ’60′s, like those of the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Bob Dilan, Jimmy Hendrix, or even Peter, Paul, and Mary.

Perhaps the prolonged exposure to the poison of hypocritical politics as so benumbed the collective soul of America that our public tolerance for reflection is dysfunctional. The legacy of the ’60′s, mindless sex, mind-destroying drugs, and hideous, angry rock’n'roll, has all had an irreparably damaging effect. We witness that damnation today, in Occupy Wall Street. The theme of sex, drugs, and rock’n'roll apparently exhausted its political potential long ago. There is no music associated with the stench of the Occupiers.

We have an ineviscerable impaction of psychological waste than even public defecation cannot relieve. No melody can express such absence of sentiment. No lyrics can embody such void of soul. There is nothing beautiful about this movement. There is no feeling but infantile anger. There is no express but loud, ugly bellowing.

These clues should indicate therefore the true nature of Occupy Wall Street. Across the country, there is an abused, abandoned child; there is a deeply hurt and vicious pubescent on the loose; there is a dangerous, violent, over-grown killer teen-ager out there, ready to call a flash mob together, and call it a political event. That’s what Occupy Wall Street is–a giant flash mob, compliments of the Democrat Party and all of its Communist, anarchist affiliates.

Unfortunately, so far, Republicans in power have remained clue-less, regarding the solutions to these issues, let alone any implementations thereof. Public Enemy No. 1, the media, tells them what to talk about, and even how to talk about it.

If America has true patriots, they need to show themselves, now.

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