Palestinian Terror Wave: Brutal Attacks Escalate 

Why is the Obama administration silent in the face of Palestinian incitement and depravity?

The wave of terror attacks that Israel has experienced in recent days can be directly attributed to the leaders of the Palestinian Authority, Israel’s supposed peace partner. They are no more a peace partner than the Nazis were “peace partners” to the British Labour government, circa 1938. The person who bears chief responsibility for the sudden surge of violence is self-styled “president” Mahmoud Abbas, the autocrat whose term of office as president of the PA expired six years ago. His banal and vitriolic rhetoric before world leaders at the UN General Assembly on September 26 amounted to nothing more than the acerbic rantings of an old, washed up has-been filled with deep-seated, anti-Semitic hate and bile. What more can one expect from an avowed Holocaust denier.

Abbas’s malevolent UN address was also aimed at the Palestinian street and represented a continuation of the rabid incitement so prevalent within the echelons of the Palestinian Authority and its media stooges. While the incitement – which often crosses over to blatant anti-Semitism – is disturbing, more disturbing is the fact that the Obama administration and the EU, who are responsible for subsidizing the Palestinian Authority, remain silent in the face of the most despicable anti-Semitic calumnies, reminiscent of speeches made by Joseph Goebbels. It is almost as if the West views the Palestinians as small-minded infants, incapable of distinguishing right from wrong, good from bad.

Taking cue from its leaders, Palestinian terrorists began their orgy of violence with the brutal slaying of Eitam and Na'ama Henkin, an accomplished young couple in their 30s who were guilty of driving while Jewish. They were brutally gunned down by a Hamas cell of five at close range, right in front of their hysterical four young children who were seated in the back of the couple’s car. The State Department confirmed that Eitam Henkin was a United States citizen.

In a most fortunate twist of fate, one of the gunmen accidentally shot and wounded his murderous colleague terminating the rampage prematurely. Security officials believe that but for the accidental shooting, all of the car’s occupants would have been slaughtered. The handgun dropped at the scene enabled Israel’s security forces to track down and arrest all five suspects including the ringleader as well as the wounded terrorist, who was recuperating in a PA hospital located in the Arab occupied city of Shechem (Nablus). Eitam and Na’ama gave life to four children. The Palestinians responsible for the cowardly attack – Abbas included – created four orphans.

On October 3, Palestinian terrorists struck again, this time in Jerusalem’s Old City near the Lion’s Gate. A crazed Palestinian, incited by the Palestinian leadership went on a stabbing rampage, killing two civilians and wounding two others, including a woman and infant before being neutralized. The traumatized wounded female related how she had asked Arab passersby for assistance and they in turn responded by spitting at her, laughing at her plight and wishing her death. One even slapped her. Her version of events was corroborated by video recorded on closed circuit TV and security officials have announced that they have already identified the passersby and intend to arrest them. 

This post-stabbing aspect of the Lion’s Gate attack is perhaps just as shocking as the murders themselves, as it demonstrates an appalling level of depraved indifference so prevalent in Palestinian society. On the other hand, we should expect no less from a society imbibed with hate and xenophobia, one that celebrates murder and suicide (or “martyrdom operations” in Palestinian lexicon) and names streets and public places after people who in the West would be locked up in institutions housing the criminally insane.

Today marked a new level of Palestinian violence, registering at least six attempted acts of terror. Near the Arab occupied settlement of Bet Sahour, Palestinian terrorists ambushed an Israeli female motorist on her way to work in Jerusalem, subjecting her vehicle to a barrage of stones. They then attempted to drag the disoriented motorist from her car in an effort to lynch her. She succeeded in fighting them off and managed to miraculously escape with only minor injuries.

In Kiryat Gat, Petach Tikvah and Jerusalem, terrorists carried out non-fatal stabbing attacks and near Ma’ale Adumin, a terrorist tried to murder soldiers who were manning a checkpoint by ramming his car into them. The perpetrators in the aforementioned cases were all quickly neutralized thanks to the rapid reaction of the security forces and Israeli civilian passersby, but the spike in violence merely underscores the fact that the two-state paradigm, repeated ad-nauseam by the Obama administration and other terror apologists in the EU, is dead. The very notion of ceding land to an entity so entrenched in mindless hatred is not only pointless, it represents the zenith of national suicide. 

The Obama administration appears utterly blind to this axiom. Some might argue, with some justification, that the administration is cognizant of the inherent danger involved in the creation of a Palestinian state jutting into Israel’s heartland like a bone in the throat and is deliberately scheming to weaken Israel. Either way, Israel must act resolutely in the face of pure evil by stating unequivocally that it will never yield to terror, will never negotiate with those who support terror and will never yield to political blackmail imposed upon it by the Obama administration.


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