Get Paid to Harm Israel & America

Lucrative jobs await at the New Israel Fund.

Today, we are living in a very unusual time; a time when America doesn’t support her allies, surrenders moral authority and is not the world leader it once was. Our generation could very well be witness to the collapse of everything we hold dear in America. As President Obama yields to tyrants under the guise of liberalism and open-mindedness, we decide to sell out our allies in defense of fundamentalists that are hell-bent on killing anyone they consider infidels.  Throughout the Middle East – from Saudi Arabia to the United Arab Emirates and Qatar there is concern with the dangerous nuclear deal reached with Iran.

Taking the lead from Obama, American Jewish liberals help weaken the West. For example, take the New Israel Fund (NIF), an American non-profit organization which supports initiatives harmful to Israel’s security and its economy, and backs the boycott of Israel. A job description for the hiring of a director of outreach for the western United States and a development associate deceptively detail the need to “Provide logistical support for public and fundraising events,” “Create and distribute invitations and manage RSVPs,” and “Provide logistical support for speakers and delegations from Israel; create and manage effective system for coordination of visiting speakers.”

Needless to say that the NIF does not mention in these ads that the funds raised will be devoted to harming Israel, weakening the Israel Defense Forces, and harming the interests of the West in the Middle East. With President Obama caving in to Iran, Western interests are further endangered in the region, while NIF money continues to empower the radicals among the Palestinian Arabs and other militant Arab organizations that are essentially in control of Israel’s neighboring regions. 

If you get a job with NIF, you can work alongside Edith Everett, a major NIF donor who supports capitulating to Iran.  In  this op-ed in The Jewish Week Everett asked,

In reality, how much can he (Obama) demand of Iran? The idea that the United States, however powerful, can pull all the strings is a kind of arrogance that needs to be tempered with reality. No other nuclear country, including Israel, would even consider observers of their facilities. The fact that Iran has engaged in this dialogue is a credit to Obama who, before proposing a military option, is intelligently and sensibly trying first to negotiate an arrangement that would limit Iran’s ability to build a nuclear weapon.

There is much fault with Everett’s hypothesis here, including the fact that among other options, there is the economic strength to stop despots from obtaining such power.  The real tell here is that she cedes America’s morality in being a great republic, claiming “arrogance.” A true Obamist.

Following the Iran deal, the NIF can actively pursue its mission of encouraging Israel to return the Western Wall, (occupied territory) and to weaken a strong Western ally in the Middle East. In working at the New Israel Fund, employees can sing songs of peace to ISIS in the hopes that “removing settlements” will ensure an end to global conflict.  What a wonderful world. The chosen candidate can hear from NIF donors like Yaffa & Paul Maritz, Bonnie & Marty Tenenbaum, Elisabeth and Gareth Turner, Dr. Gabor T. Herman, Sally Gottesman and others about how Israel is the rotten apple in a region of dictators and terrorists. 

Stand with the New Israel Fund – and get a paycheck for standing against America and Israel.