France Gets Ready to Cash In on Iran Nuclear Accord

Carrying on the French tradition of collaboration with evil.

France, the nation that brought humanity such lovelies as the Dreyfus Affair, collaborationist Vichy, and a near-nuclear capable Saddam Hussein, is now rushing to embrace the mullahs of the Islamic Republic. The ink on the Iran nuclear accord, also known as the JCPOA, hasn’t even dried yet but the French are salivating.

France has dispatched its foreign minister, Laurent Fabius, to Iran to meet with Iran’s president, Hassan Rouhani, and various Iranian government dignitaries and business leaders in an effort to cash in early as a result of sanctions relief provided by the JCPOA. Already French industrial leaders including those in the automotive and energy sectors are gearing up for business with the world’s premier state-sponsor of international terrorism. In France, morality and doing what is just and right, plays second fiddle to economics. It’s the French way of doing things.

Indeed, the French have a long, duplicitous history involving betrayal and collaboration with nefarious elements and so their instant behavior is neither shocking nor surprising. During WWII, they collaborated with the Nazis in rounding up their citizens of Jewish descent, handing them over to their SS partners and to a near-certain death. But they did not merely collaborate; they performed their shameful duties with zeal and then failed to acknowledge their dastardly role in the eradication of European Jewry until several decades later.

You’d think that with such an inglorious past, the French would learn from their mistakes and try to make amends but the French, or rather the French elite, are a peculiar breed immune from feelings of guilt or remorse.

In June 1967, barely two decades after the near-extermination of European Jewry, France imposed an arms embargo on the Mideast. Since at the time, France was Israel’s principle arms supplier and the Soviets were supplying the Arab belligerents, the only nation adversely affected by the French action was Israel. Weapons and munitions bought and paid for and desperately needed for the impending battle that was sure to come, were held up by order of the French government. 

France’s perfidious conduct just prior to the Six-Day War of 1967 could not have come at a more inopportune time. Hundreds of thousands of Arab soldiers mobilized for war against Israel. Egypt alone massed some 1200 tanks and 1500 guns and heavy mortars on Israel’s borders while its aircraft were making forays into Israeli airspace. Arab radio, from Cairo to Damascus to Baghdad boasted that there would not be a single Jew left in “Occupied Palestine” after the Arabs dealt with the “Zionist Entity.” Fortunately, Arab plans for genocide failed to materialize notwithstanding French duplicity.

But the French did score points with the Arabs ensuring a lucrative arms market. French Mirage V fighter bombers purchased by Israel were instead shipped to Libya’s criminally insane leader, Kaddafi. The French also cozied up to arguably one of the most repressive and brutal dictators of the Mideast, Iraq’s Saddam Hussein. France was well aware of Hussein’s past and threats against Israel but that did not deter them from supplying Iraq with a nuclear reactor capable of producing fissile material for a nuclear bomb, forcing Israel to take matters into its own hands in 1981.

Other French patrons include the serial killing father-son duo, Hafez and Bashar Assad. France was all too willing to supply the Syrian military with all sorts of goodies including Gazelle helicopter gunships and Milan anti-tank missiles. Iran’s Lebanese terror proxy Hezbollah currently maintains a significant stockpile of Milan missiles, courtesy of the Assads via France. The French of course, not willing to jeopardize their lucrative military contracts, turned a blind eye to such illicit arms transfers.

Aside from the United Kingdom, no country bears more responsibility for today’s dysfunction in the Arab Mideast than France. Its post-World War I collusion and geo-political machinations with the United Kingdom produced the infamous Sykes-Picot accord and carved out unnatural borders based primarily on colonialist dictates rather than the needs and wishes of the people.

We now come full circle with the French connection to the Islamic Republic of Iran. France gave sanctuary and protection to the demented religious zealot Ayatollah Khomeini, the father and mother of today’s Shiite Islamic fanaticism.  Had the French had any foresight, they would have dispatched with him the way they dispatched with Greenpeace activists when the latter hindered French nuclear testing. But France did not see the fanatical, anti-Western mullah as a threat. Quite the opposite; they provided him with political asylum and treated him with the utmost courtesy. Khomeini returned the favor by exploiting the freedoms granted by France, to plot, scheme and otherwise hasten the fall of the pro-Western Shah.

As Congress contemplates approval or disapproval of the JCPOA, it should be cognizant of the fact that China, Russia, Iran and France will be sitting on committees that will be judging whether the Islamic Republic is in compliance with provisions set forth in the JCPOA, leaving the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany in the minority. God help us all.