Danish Art Exhibition Glorifies Jihad

Depicts Islamic suicide terrorists as “martyrs”.

If victims of Islamic terrorism could ever be killed twice, then a Danish art exhibition, scheduled to open this week in Copenhagen, could probably achieve this very dubious distinction.

The art show in question has as its theme the motive of martyrs, namely, “why some people die for that which they believe in.”
“Our exhibition is about describing the term ‘martyr’ from as many different angles as possible and through history,” said a show organizer.
So far so good.
But what has outraged many is that the leftist artist collective (no surprise here) responsible for the exhibition has decided to include Islamic terrorists involved in the Paris attack last November as well as in the Brussels suicide bombings alongside “historical figures considered martyrs” such as Joan of Arc and Socrates.
“[The] Danish artists plan to include images of the terrorists, replicas of their belongings and, and plaques explaining who they were and what they did,” reports the CopenhagenPost.   
Besides representing a posthumous execution of the Brussels and Paris victims, this obscenity disguised as ‘art’ is also just another indicator to what depths of decadence and immorality the left has descended to. Its belief that every taboo must be broken for freedom to exist is also currently reflected in the trans-gender washroom controversy in America.
The following quote by a female member of the collective disturbingly indicates the left’s unnatural loss of all sense of proportion, possessed by most normal people, when it comes to recognising the difference between good and evil:
“To fly into the Twin Towers, to shoot at people in Bataclan, or to blow oneself up into the air, one does this only in the belief in a better, world.”
Stalin and Hitler also believed in better worlds. The former of a world with a single ruling class, and the latter with a single ruling race. Millions perished unwillingly in the attempt to realize these unrealizable, homicidal visions.
Unfortunately for most sane people in the West, the unnamed ‘artiste’ is not alone in her twisted thinking. In America, Professor Ward Churchill called the World Trade Tower victims “little Eichmanns”. And in the same vein, the German columnist, Henryk Broder, cites the composer Karlheinz Stockhausen who called 9/11 “the greatest work of art there is in the universe.” He also quotes the painter Anselm Kiefer who said that with 9/11, Osama bin Laden “created the most perfect picture that we have seen since the steps of the first man on the moon.”
Broder also points out what is most obviously wrong with this art exhibition, which should be evident to anyone possessing even a modicum of rational thought: the Islamic terrorists, who calmly shot people down at the Bataclan in Paris and blew up dozens more in Brussels, including themselves, are not martyrs but mass murderers.
And unlike Joan of Arc and Socrates, these killers did not go alone to their deaths but dragged several hundred unwilling victims with them. These two outstanding heroes of Western civilization would never have wanted to see anyone executed for their sake or because of their actions. Besides, they did not seek death and ‘martyrdom’, like Islamic jihadists do, but rather were sentenced to die after dubious trials.
“Why didn’t the Paris attackers, who caused the bloodbath in Bataclan, instead throw themselves down from the Arc de Triomphe?” asks Broder.
A reasonable question! After all, Buddhist monks and nuns in Tibet burn themselves to death in public to draw attention to the cultural and ethnic genocide being committed in their country by the Chinese government. And they do not cause the death of a single person, besides themselves, in doing so and neither, it appears, do they want to.
But that is not the point of so-called Islamic ‘martyrdom’. In reality, Islamic ‘martyrdom’ is misnamed. Its purpose, as has been pointed out by such scholars as Israeli professor Anna Geifman (Death Orders: The Vanguard of Modern Terrorism in Revolutionary Russia), does not rest in any earthly cause, as with the Tibetan monks, but with providing the god of death they serve with as many human sacrifices as possible, including themselves.  
“It is a religious crime. Ritual murder,” writes Andrei Kurayev, a Russian Orthodox Church archdeacon in analysing the 2004 Beslan schoolchildren massacre in his book Kak Otnositsya K Islamy Posle Beslana (How To Relate To Islam After Beslan). “With the shout of Allahu Akbar, the terrorist kills people, sacrificing them to his religious idea.” 
One of the terrorists involved in the Mumbai massacre demonstrated this religious, sacrificial element after killing dozens of unsuspecting, innocent people at the city’s main train station. As he and his partner prepared to attack responding security forces at a nearby hospital they had subsequently invaded, he said: “Remember, Allah is waiting for our ultimate sacrifice.”
These are Satanists, not martyrs. 
And this is the seminal point that escapes radical leftists, such as those in the artist collective.
Contrary to what western leftist and liberals say, these terrorists do have a religion, for which they are ready to kill themselves, and, unfortunately, others, to achieve a continuation of life after death in a paradise they deeply believe in. And that religion is the one they profess and whose name, as Kurayev points out, the various Islamic terrorist outfits they belong to carry.
“The names of their organizations speak of a readiness to fight for Islam, and not for soccer,” he writes.
But the portrayal of Islamic terrorists as “martyrs” alongside Socrates and Joan of Arc is not just errant nonsense, but rather has a thought-out, long-range purpose.
The western radical left and radical Islam are allies in their goal to destroy the West. By calling Islamic mass murderers “martyrs”, the left is helping its ally by not allowing its criminals to be regarded and described as the homicidal maniacs they really are. And if these killers are not mass murderers but “martyrs,” then the people they killed are also not victims. They are reduced to just collateral damage, who, unfortunately, died in this quest for a “better world.” They were not murdered.  
Moreover, if these religious killers are “martyrs,” then it is that terrible western state that is at fault for killing them. It is therefore the western form of government that is the threat and not the Islamic terrorists. Here, modern western society, based on the rule of law, is reduced to the level of the rigged Inquisition court that sentenced Joan of Arc to death. This makes it worthy of contempt and, ultimately, destruction.
The long-range plan of such leftist efforts as the Danish art exhibition, and also like that of the 1960s and 70s radical left, is to realign peoples’ thinking towards this goal of destroying Western civilization. Radical leftists have never given up their hate-filled aim of trying to destroy their own societies from within.

Unfortunately, the Danish "artists" appear not to have included the greatest martyr of them all in their exhibition: Jesus Christ. From Him, they and their radical Islamic allies could learn the greatest lesson of all regarding the true meaning of martyrdom, summed up wonderfully by Archdeacon Kurayev: “…Him, who never sacrificed anyone to Himself, but sacrificed Himself for everyone.”