Merkel Backtracks Amidst Refugee Crisis 

A too little, too late response to the consequences of a reckless open door immigration policy.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other like-minded Western European leaders have allowed an unprecedented number of “refugees” into their countries from the most terrorist-prone countries in the world, such as Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. To save their own necks, these reckless leaders are finally beginning to listen, at least half-heartedly, to their own citizens, who are recoiling from the disastrous consequences of the prevalent European Union open door “refugee” policy. The leaders have only themselves to blame for the crisis they have created for their people. 

Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq, in that order, are at the top of the list of origins of people applying for asylum in the European Union. All three of these countries are also among the top 5 on the 2015 Global Terrorism Index prepared by the Institute of Economics and Peace.  It should not have been a surprise that, over the last two years, as the number of asylum-seekers originally from terrorist-prone Muslim-majority countries has risen dramatically, acts of terrorism committed by jihadists in Western Europe have risen dramatically as well. Yet Chancellor Merkel and her European Union pals either could not connect the dots or willfully turned a blind eye.

Crimes against females have also risen in Western Europe as carriers of Islamic cultural norms denigrating women and girls have entered Western Europe in large numbers. Afghanistan is at the top of the list of the most dangerous countries to be a woman.  

Germany has been the most welcoming of Western European countries to asylum-seekers from Afghanistan and other terrorist-prone, Muslim-majority countries. Afghanistan, which was second on both the refugee origin and terrorist country lists, was the country of origin of an Afghan teenage “refugee” last July who carried out an attack in Germany that resulted in several serious injuries. The Islamic State claimed responsibility. Afghanistan was also the origin country of the so-called "unaccompanied underage refugee” who allegedly raped and murdered the daughter of a high level European Union official in October. The victim was a 19 year old medical student, whom had also worked as a volunteer in one of the local refugee shelters. The 17 year old alleged murderer, who entered Germany illegally in 2015, had applied for asylum as an unaccompanied minor and was living with a German family.

Many Germans have reached their boiling point after having had to deal with several acts of terrorism this year, following hundreds of sexual assaults committed against women last New Year’s Eve by young men, described as refugees of "Arab or North African appearance." German citizens are fed up with their government’s excuses and its downplaying of the incidents as isolated cases that should not be blamed on the government’s liberal refugee policy.  Everyday citizens are understandably incensed at the latest news of the brutal murder of the young female medical student, as exemplified by this tweet featuring a photo of the slain girl: “Angela Merkel, look here! Blood of this person is on your hands!”

Indeed, Chancellor Merkel is largely to blame for the mass influx of asylum-seekers from the most terrorist-prone countries, including the alleged murderer from Afghanistan. Last year, she encouraged asylum-seekers from Syria and other Islamic terrorist havens to migrate to Europe and resettle there. Germany alone received approximately 900,000 so-called “refugees.”  However, Chancellor Merkel apparently gave little thought to how so many would be assimilated– especially, the  Muslims brought up to believe in and act upon cultural and religious values that stand in stark contrast to the values of open, egalitarian Western societies. In fact, some of the Muslim asylum-seekers living in German refugee camps have carried out acts of persecution against Christians in those camps, the same as if they had not left their own countries where persecution of Christians is the norm. According to a report by the non-governmental organization, Open Doors, Christian refugees in Germany have been “discriminated against, beaten up by and receive death threats from Muslim refugees and partly by the Muslim staff (securities, interpreters, volunteers) on grounds of their religion.”  Between May and September of 2016 alone, according to the Open Doors report, there were 512 documented cases of Christian refugees who have reported religiously motivated attacks. The report concluded that the number of reported cases should be “considered most likely as the tip of the iceberg in regard to the number of religiously motivated attacks on Christian refugees and other religious minorities.”

Until fairly recently, European government leaders, particularly Chancellor Merkel, have been in denial as to the dimension of the threats to their own citizens’ security and well-being they have allowed into their countries. They have turned a blind eye to the spike in murders, sexual assaults and acts of terrorism that have dramatically risen with the rapid growth in the number of asylum-seekers from terrorist prone countries. 

However, even Chancellor Merkel, as she prepares to run for a fourth term, is being forced to come to grips with her constituents’ real concerns. She can read the polls, which have not been good for her. Thus, in response, like some other open door European countries such as Sweden, Germany is now trying to stem the tide of would-be asylum-seekers, or even reverse it through deportation. Germany is also belatedly following in the footsteps of France and other countries that have tried to institute measures intended to break down the cultural separation of those Muslim refugees who remain. Chancellor Merkel, in a bid to act tough, said recently that Germany would not tolerate a “parallel society.” To prove her point, she has just proposed a ban on the burqa – the full-face veil that some Muslim women wear as an expression of their faith. “Our law takes precedence before tribal rules, codes of honor and sharia,” she declared. If only the chancellor had thought about that before opening up the floodgates in just one year to nearly a million people who do believe firmly that sharia law takes precedence over the laws of a self-governing society.