The Murder of Officer Miosotis Familia—and Those Who Killed Her

Distributing responsibility equitably.

In the wee morning hours of July 5, a Bronx police officer, 48 year-old Miosotis Familia, was shot dead as she sat in her patrol car.

Familia was a 12-year veteran of the New York Police Department and the mother of three children.  She was murdered by 34-year-old Alexander Bonds, a career criminal with a record for violence, including violence against police officers.

Officer Familia, judging from her name and photograph, is a dark complexioned Hispanic.

The scumbag who robbed her of her life is black.

This last point bears mentioning, for there is no way to divorce this cold-blooded, unprovoked assassination of one of New York’s Finest from the anti-police Zeitgeist to which forces on the left have given rise.  It’s true, of course, that there has long existed in America, especially since the emergence of leftist “liberationist” movements in the 1960’s, hostility toward those entrusted with maintaining the thin blue line between civilization and savagery. 

Yet it’s equally true that this hostility accelerated considerably during Barack Obama’s second term as President, particularly since the shooting death of Mike Brown and the Black Lives Matter movement that arose in its wake.

Leftists are forever excusing non-white actors for their conduct, however atrocious it may be. It is to “the root causes,” the context of “social conditions” or “institutions,” that we must turn to account for why, say, blacks, though comprising no more than 13% or so of the American populace, are responsible for over half of all murders. 

In other words, non-whites are never, ultimately, accountable for those of their behaviors that are undesirable and destructive (it is always and only their bad behavior from which nonwhites are exempted of responsibility).  It is “society,” i.e. whites, who bear accountability for the bad deeds of nonwhites.

Never, though, do leftists look upon their own words and deeds as “root causes.”  Indeed, while the search for “root causes” and the specific excuses that the left invokes are almost always fundamentally wrongheaded for more than one reason, to understand patterns of conduct larger contexts must be sought.

And the shooting death of a police officer by a black criminal does in fact belong to an all-too extensive—and established—pattern.

The context here is the anti-police climate generated and aggressively pushed by the left over the last several years.  This climate depends upon the whopper of a lie that police officers go in search of innocent blacks to slay.

In an age comprised of lies, this one is among the biggest. It is second only to the Lie, of which it is a variant, that black Americans are an oppressed group.  For present purposes, however, I will refer to the narrative of Evil Police and perpetual Black Victims as the Big Lie.

Whenever someone like a Dylan Roof or a Timothy McVeigh comes along, leftist politicians and operatives and their propagandists in the Fake News media are quick to attribute, unfairly, blame to Republican and conservative “rhetoric.”  So, when a leftist killer, like the Bernie Sanders supporter who shot up Republican congressmen a few weeks ago, is in the news, many on the right, from a desire to exhibit their “fairness,” are just as quick to reject any and all attempts to assign responsibility to leftist “rhetoric.”

This is muddled thinking.

First, at the present moment, in America, there is no parity between the left and the right when it comes to the question of violence. There just isn’t.  Whenever we hear of police being shot, innocents being harassed, intimidated, and beaten because of their politics; traffic being blocked; property being damaged; and fantasies of political assassinations being publicly enacted, it is always—always—courtesy of left-wingers.

We never hear of Tea Partiers, the Christian Right, the Moral Majority, or Hillary Clinton’s “basket of Deplorables” and “irredeemables” engaging in any of these tactics.  Never.

In the first six months of this year, since the inauguration of Donald Trump and the assumption of power by the GOP, there have been more death threats issued against the members of this Republican-controlled Congress than were made in all of 2016.

There are numerous decent, peaceful leftists.  Yet there can be no denying the relationship between leftist ideology and violence.

Second, immediate responsibility is not equivalent to sole responsibility.  There are degrees or layers of responsibility.  Again, in most other contexts, the left insists upon this point.

The murder of a police officer by another black criminal, though, is something that Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Democrats in the Party of the Jack Ass, Black Lives Matter, and in the media would prefer not to comment upon. 

The reason, I think, is pretty obvious.  The mobs of BLM activists who marched in the streets chanting, “Pigs in a blanket, fry ‘em like bacon!” and “What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want them? Now!” are not without blood on their hands.

Obama had BLM activists to the White House on numerous occasions. He provided aid and comfort to this destructive movement by sparing no opportunity to promote its lies while lifting not a finger to boost the morale of law enforcement officers around the country.

Obama is not without blood on his hands.

Hillary Clinton, while on her campaign trail, legitimized the lies of BLM. 

She is not without blood on her hands.

The mothers of those nationally recognized black criminals who had been killed by police were provided a platform by the DNC to speak at its convention in 2016, thus further lending credence to the Big Lie that their children were murdered by “racist” officers.

The DNC is not without blood on its hands.

Bernie Sanders, Martin O’Malley, and every Democrat (and others) who have treated “All Lives Matter” as a “racist” assault on blacks is not without blood on their hands.

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, who the sister of Officer Familia said is not doing enough to protect police officers, and who can be counted upon to peddle the fictions of the Racism-Industrial-Complex, is not without blood on his hands.

Those legions of leftist academics that have been spreading for decades the Lie of anti-black oppression are not without blood on their hands.

The hordes of fake journalists in the Fake News media that salivate at every opportunity to perpetuate the Big Lie are not without blood on their hands.

To honor Officer Miosotis Familia and her family, and to do what we can to prevent the shedding of any more innocent blood, the decent among us must distribute the responsibility for these crimes against humanity equitably.