4th Arab Spring Country Now Attacking US Embassies

With the Arab Spring, Obama helped topple most of America's allies and now Muslims love us more than ever. Just ask them.

After Libya, Egypt and Yemen, there is now a 4th Arab Spring country where US embassies and consulates are under siege. The winner is Tunisia, where the overthrow of an American ally led to the rise of the extremist Al-Nahda Party which claims to be the Sixth Caliphate and vows to wage a holy war against Jerusalem.

About 50 protesters burned American flags outside the U.S. Embassy in Tunisia's capital as part of widespread anger across the Muslim world about a film ridiculing Islam's Prophet Muhammad. A small number of women wearing the Islamic niqab, or full-face veil, were among the crowd Wednesday.

Anti-American rioting spread yesterday to Tunisia, where police used tear gas to stop hundreds of protesters from storming the United States Embassy in protest over a film mocking the prophet Mohammed.

The throngs of demonstrators, who carried the white and black banners of militant Salifist Muslims, had been protesting peacefully in Tunis for hours when about 300 started to break through the gates.

If Salafists are known for anything, besides trying to bring back crucifixion, it's peacefully protesting things and by peaceful protests, the media means shouting homicidal death threats before unexpectedly trying to act on them.

But clearly we are witnessing the wages of Obama's brilliant global outreach to Muslims paying full dividends. With the Arab Spring, he helped topple most of America's allies and now Muslims love us more than ever. Just ask them.

"Obama, we are all Osama!" some of the demonstrators chanted, referring to American President Barack Obama and Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden who was killed by US commandos in May 2011.

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