You Have No Idea How Racist You Are

"Every time they say, 'We want our country back,' I know what that means," Susan Bankston, a white Democratic National Convention delegate from Richmond, Texas, said at the gathering last week.

Maybe you don't think that you oppose Obama because you're a racist, but the media certainly thinks that you oppose Obama because you're a racist and the media will prove to you that you are a racist even though you don't know you're a racist. Because... you're a secret racist.

"We're at a tipping point," said Susan Glisson, director of the Institute for Racial Reconciliation at the University of Mississippi. "But I don't know which way we're going to tip."

Glisson knows that many conservatives disagree with Obama solely because of his policies.

"But I am also quite certain that there are others who object to the president because of his race, because they have a fear of blacks that is embedded in our culture," she said.

Her conclusion is based on something called "implicit bias"— prejudices that people don't realize they have.

It's like those movies where a man wakes up without knowing who he is because he has amnesia, but governments are chasing him because they know he knows something even though he doesn't know what he knows. It's exactly like that, except the man knows who he is, he just doesn't know he's a racist and that's why the government agents are after him.

"Our history has created this unconscious bias," said Gail Christopher, vice president of program strategy for the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, which has funded research on the subject. "Now we need to create safe places to discuss and educate people about unconscious bias, where we are not blaming and shaming them."

History has planted subliminal racism in all our heads and only when we admit that we are racist, even though we aren't, will the W.K. Kellogg foundation acknowledge that we aren't racist anymore.

It strikes me that critical race theory seems to have something in common with the hunt for witches. The only way to escape paying the price for witchcraft was to confess to being a witch... or be tortured for being a witch.

"Every time they say, 'We want our country back,' I know what that means," Susan Bankston, a white Democratic National Convention delegate from Richmond, Texas, said at the gathering last week.

Of course every time Susan Bankston says, "I know what that means", what she's really saying is that she wants to bring back slavery. Susan can try to deny this, but I know it and so does she. It's time to create a safe space where she can confess this without being shamed further for it.

"You recognize it when every time the Republicans with their own convention refer to him by his first name, Barack Obama. He's President Barack Obama," said Patt Sanders, a delegate from Englewood, Calif., who is black.

In other news, everyone who ever called George W. Bush by George W. hates white people. It's a fact.

The actor Alec Baldwin simply tweeted: "If Obama was white, he'd be up by 17 points." Jimmy Carter. But honestly if Obama were white, he'd be down by 17 points.

The perils of potential offense can be everywhere. Glisson, director of the racial reconciliation institute, recalls a recent meeting with an unfamiliar group of people, including some African-Americans, and telling them about a good location for a professional retreat.

Then Glisson, who is white, mentioned that the location had excellent fried chicken. She immediately sensed a change in the atmosphere: "They didn't know that I love fried chicken."

But does Susan Glisson really love fried chicken or did her implicit bias lead her to develop a love of fried chicken so that she could tell black people to go eat fried chicken without consciously coming to terms with her horrible racism?

Implicit racism, like the bubonic plague and vampires, is always lurking in the darkness to pounce unexpectedly on the psyche.