Romney vs Obama Round III - It's All Down to Boca Raton (VIDEO) (LIVE)

Two men enter. One man leaves. The other man becomes President.

Two men enter. One man becomes President.

What can we expect from this last debate?

1. Fewer people paying attention. A lot of people have sat through two of these debates and the ranks of undecided voters are thinning out. That's not great news, because it leaves the media with a clear field to set their narrative.

2. Diminishing impact. People have seen Romney and Obama go up against each other. Few surprises are expected. And the foreign policy focus is not really a priority. Most polls lead with the economy. Security is a secondary concern. Important, but not election-deciding.

3. Increased aggressiveness from Obama. All his notes have been about going more aggressive. But that's more to boost the morale of his supporters. Despite the headline here, unless Romney screws up very badly, this debate is not likely to have a major impact.

4. Gaffe gotchas. What the media want from this debate is a moment that they can spend a week spinning against Romney. All they had last time around were the miserable binders. Let's hope their latest bid will be equally hipster stupid.

5. It's Romney's election to lose.