US Embargo on Cuba Prevents Child Sex Tourism

Here's one more reason why Hollywood lefties are so upset about the embargo on Castro's Socialist paradise.

Here's one more reason why Hollywood lefties are so upset about the American embargo on Castro's Socialist paradise. It makes it hard for the Roman Polanskis and Woody Allens to do what they do.

An odd combination of Washington’s trade embargo on Cuba and tough U.S. laws on sex tourism has kept down the number of U.S. travelers who fly to the island to abuse underage girls and boys.

Yet U.S. child-sex tourism to an island just 90 miles off the coast of Florida falls far short of the levels of exploitation by Canadians and Spaniards found by a joint investigation by the Toronto Star and the El Nuevo Herald.

“When we talk about hotbeds of activity, [Cuba] is not one that comes up,” said one ICE official familiar with child-sex tourism cases.

That's not because Cuba doesn't have a booming child abuse industry, but because it's harder to get from here to there.

Some child pornography seized by U.S. authorities in recent years appears to have come from Cuban computers, said Michelle Collins, with the Exploited Children Division at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in Washington.

Perhaps the key reason for the lack of U.S. sex tourism to Cuba is Washington’s trade embargo on the communist-ruled island, which has limited travel there for more than half a century.

Instead it falls to the Canadians, who lack a similar embargo to take advantage of Cuba's Socialist economy.

So often when Canadians think of Cuba, they think of cheap holidays: sand, sun and lying on the beach. But over the past decade, this island winter getaway has gained a more sinister reputation.

Today, a growing number of tourists, almost always older men, are winging to Cuba for one thing – sex. But far more disturbing is that some of them are looking for sex with children.

Cuba is in the top four child sex destinations for Canadians in the Americas. The others are Mexico, Brazil and the Dominican Republic.

And finally, a comment at the Babalu blog

In 1978 I spoke with Puerto Rican Nationalist Rodolfo Rivera Rios, who had just voluntarily returned to the U.S. from Havana to face charges for airline hijacking. He said that he quickly became disillusioned and disgusted with the Robotlution soon after arriving in Havana in 1971, when a 12-year-old girl offered to have sex with him in exchange for a succulent sandwich that he bought at a store for foreigners.

This is what a Socialist country looks like.