Turkish Thug-in-Chief: "It Is Out of the Question for Us to Consider Hamas a Terrorist Organization"

Secretary of State John Kerry said Turkey has a critical role in a US-led initiative to resume a peace process between Israel and the Palestinians.

According to Obama Inc, Turkey is a stabilizing influence in the region and a valuable partner in the fight against extremism. In the real world, Turkey openly supports Islamist terror. So it stands to reason that one purpose of Obama's trip was to pressure Israel into apologizing for killing Turkish terrorists.

This apology predictably did not repair relations with Turkey because the issue was never the apology, it was Turkey's for Hamas. And Turkey still supports Hamas.

Speaking to a group of journalists en route to Turkey from a visit to Mongolia on Saturday, Erdoğan also said Turkey will not send an ambassador to Israel until the blockade of Gaza is lifted, when responding to a question on whether the appointment of an ambassador is imminent.

In İstanbul, Kerry said Turkey has a critical role in a US-led initiative to resume a peace process between Israel and the Palestinians. Although there has been no statement on what this role could be, the US is believed to see Turkey as a conduit for talks with Hamas, convincing Hamas to recognize Israel and act in unity with al-Fatah of President Mahmoud Abbas. Analysts say Erdoğan's Gaza visit may turn into a welcome development if Erdoğan uses the visit as an opportunity to talk to Hamas about joining peace talks alongside al-Fatah.

Erdoğan complained that Israel “has not genuinely kept its promises” by continuing with attacks on Gaza and reiterated opposition to categorization of Hamas as a “terrorist” entity. When asked if Hamas is being left out of a US-led Israeli-Palestinian peace initiative, Erdoğan said: “This is what Israel wants. We have been saying from the beginning that a negotiating table where Hamas or al-Fatah is not represented cannot produce peace. It is out of the question for us to consider Hamas as a terrorist organization. For us, Hamas is what al-Fatah is.” His remarks were published in newspapers on Sunday.

So Israel apologies to Turkey. In exchange Turkey will not repair relations with Israel and will go on supporting Hamas. And Kerry will try to use Turkey to convince Hamas that it is in its best interests to stay quiet while Israel gives away half the country to Abbas... and after that Hamas will be able to take all of it exactly the way they took Gaza.