Why Weiner Ranking Second in the Dem Primary is a Good Thing

John Liu is still under investigation for campaign finance fraud after raising sizable amounts of money from fake donors. Liu has been accused of being an agent of Communist China, and has obsessively focused on outreach to Muslims.


There are worse things than Weiner There are worse things than Weiner

Anthony Weiner entering the Democratic primary effectively knocks out John Liu and Bill de Blasio. Neither of those men may be household names but both of them make Weiner look good.

John Liu is still under investigation for campaign finance fraud after raising sizable amounts of money from fake donors.  Two of his fundraisers are on trial and he may face criminal charges. Liu is left-wing, has been accused by some in the Chinatown community of being an agent of Communist China, and has obsessively focused on outreach to Muslims. While Comptroller, he even suggested helping fund the Ground Zero mosque.

Bill de Blasio is even more left-wing than Liu. He is the most left-wing candidate in the race. He describes himself as a progressive reformer, quotes Che and pushes a straight class warfare program. One of his aides was just fired for Tweeting, "AIPAC makes me want to be a Nazi".

Just to make Weiner seem normal, Bill de Blasio's wife, seen in the photo above, wrote a 1979 article, "I am a Lesbian", but then married de Blasio while working as a speechwriter for David Dinkins. Their son has a giant Afro, because apparently for them the 70s never ended.

de blasio

When the New York Post ran a cartoon mocking this family circus, Bill de Blasio and Liu competed for the most hysterical response during a Sharpton rally.

“It’s time for us to say once and for all to the New York Post: Stop dividing this city!... I don’t know how they tolerate this, or how they tolerate the cartoon of Reverend Sharpton years ago, or how they tolerate the depiction of the President of the United States of America. I don’t know how they stand for it.”

Then Quinn, who actually is a lesbian, jumped in with her own condemnation suggesting that the cartoon is homophobic, in some undefined way, and will scar children for life, possibly, demanding an apology on behalf of the entire city.

"Think of what it felt like, if you were a child struggling with your identity to see that cartoon in the New York Post. And maybe to see people you love–I hope not–but see people you love laugh at it. Think of what–that did not save lives at all. So I want to first say I’m so sorry that this has had to happen and echo what Reverend Sharpton said: Those folks who covered this in a way that’s homophobic and racist and sexist need to apologize first and foremost to Ms. McCray and to Public Advocate de Blasio, but also to the entire city of New York."

Not to be outdone, John Liu jumped in with the shrillest most hysterical response possible.

“Not only the picture, but the words that came with the picture in big letters; ‘THIS MAN IS ABOUT TO DIE,’” said Mr. Liu.  “The Post, they have a lot to apologize for. They have to answer to the people of New York and we have to hold them accountable. Stop buying this rag! We’ve got to tell them that there is a line they cannot cross and they cross it too often."

You can see why Weiner suddenly doesn't look so bad to Democratic primary voters.

To get the flavor of the race for second place between Liu and de Blasio, try this story.

"In my humble opinion, we've got to stop holding ourselves hostage to the idea that we can't make policies that piss off the rich people or drive big corporations away," John Liu told an audience of such people at an Association for a Better New York breakfast at the Roosevelt Hotel.

A few months ago, public advocate Bill de Blasio unveiled a proposal to raise taxes on the rich. Money raised by de Blasio's tax was to be used to pay for pre-kindergarten education.

Liu, in a move that is emblematic of his candidacy, went further than de Blasio did, calling for more taxes on the wealthy earners in the audience in order to pay for universal pre-K and also pre-school for every three-year-old too.

It was all part of what he called his "People's Budget," which includes raising taxes on wealthy people, businesses, insurance companies, Madison Square Garden and many individuals and entities, along with tolls on the Harlem and East Rivers for non-residents, in order to expand early-childhood education, extend library hours, hire 5,000 new police officers and create 100,000 units of affordable housing.

Having these two left-wing jackasses booted from the race is a good thing. It keeps New York City from turning into Berkeley. A primary between Weiner and Quinn, the lesbian city council speaker is not a credit to the Democratic Party, but it's better than either Liu or de Blasio getting too close to City Hall.

Even if Weiner does beat out Quinn, Liu and de Blasio and the rest, there is no guarantee that he will win the general election. This time out the Republicans look like they're ready to seriously compete and I wouldn't count out the impact of Giuliani's campaign for Lhota. For now Weiner is polling well, but he's a household name and his opponents aren't. In a general election that will change.