Immigrants More Likely to Identify as Liberal, Put International Law Over Constitution

Only 37% of immigrant citizens think the U.S.Constitution should be the highest authority for Americans.

This study from the Hudson Institute has wider implications beyond the current debate over amnesty. It places the blame for its findings on a failure of patriotism.

A country whose educational institutions are less patriotic and more liberal will play a crucial role in the shaping of a less patriotic and more liberal population. Immigrants who tend to get their identity more from education than national culture (tellingly immigrants are more likely to rank professors higher than soldiers, in contrast to native-born Americans) are more likely to lean left.

For example the study finds that immigrants are more likely to identify as liberal and less likely to identify as moderate. 36 percent of immigrants identify as liberal versus 22 percent of native born Americans.


This has grimmer implications when it comes to the United States Constitution.

67.3% of the native-born think the U.S. Constitution should be the highest legal authority for Americans, but the majority of immigrant citizens think differently.
Only 37% of immigrant citizens think the U.S.Constitution should be the highest authority for Americans. 29% of immigrant citizens think international law should be above the US Constitution and 34% of them remain unsure
And that calls us back to basic questions of identity.
29 percent of immigrants consider themselves citizens of the world
That is not a good number when you are trying to build a nation, rather than another stop on the globalization tour. And that has national security implications as well.
Should the U.S. allow immigration of radical Islamists who are against the U.S. Constitution and favor replacing it with Islamic law?

Only 47.5 percent of immigrants believe we should definitely not, compared to 70 percent of native-born Americans

It becomes very hard to preserve a nation when there is a constant flow of people who only have a limited identification with the nation. Immigration has gotten too big and national identity has become too weak.
Even if illegal alien amnesty did work as its backers claim, we would still be looking at the same problem. We are just often not importing new Americans but citizens of the world. And until we get our house in order, our immigration system will just go on making more liberals.