Ron Paul's Board Includes Obama-Lover and Terrorist Supporter Who Compared Tea Party to Nazis

"A forward-looking Democratic Party that represents America’s increasingly mixed racial future is triumphant... What we ended up with today is a rump of the old Republican Party made up of hicks and holy rollers."

eric margolis

I would add 9/11 Truther, but there's only so much room in the headline to list all his many virtues. Let's start with the obvious one. Here is how Eric Margolis, a member of the Academic Board of Ron Paul's new Institute for Peace and Prosperity, greeted the election of Barack Obama.

Americans did not `liberate’ Iraq, but they certainly liberated their own nation last week by sweeping the Republican Party from power. One prays America’s long nightmare of foreign aggressions, fear, religious extremism, and flirting with neo-fascism is finally at an end...

A forward-looking Democratic Party that represents America’s increasingly mixed racial future is triumphant... As a senior Republican rightly remarked, `Obama has run the best moderate Republican campaign since Dwight Eisenhower!’ Democrats occupied the political center while the Republicans were left with the wilder fringes of the right and far right.

Strangely enough, Eric Margolis claims to be a true Republican, despite having all the conventional views of a New York leftist about terrorism (Blame America First), Republicans (fascist hicks) and banks (the biggest threat to the country).

Like so many RINOs, Margolis insists that he's the follower of some old Republican Party who has been left behind. And how does he feel about the Tea Party movement?

He's not a fan.

What we ended up with today is a rump of the old Republican Party made up of hicks and holy rollers, as I call it sometimes, exaggerated but certainly the party has been taken over by its very Southern and heartland "influence", it's narrow-minded, it's inward looking, and increasingly, as we see with Governor Palin and other Congressmen, it's speaking to the lowest IQ level of American voters and has become a dumbed down party that appeals to fear and prejudice...

Look at Germany in the 1930s, everyone turns to extremist groups, right now it's turning to the far right of the Republican Party. It is mounting an extremely vicious hate campaign against the president, much of which is just arrant hate propaganda...

People have a right to be angry, but throw in angry racists who don't like Obama because he's a man of color and people who just hate Democrats and Klu Klux Klan people and every kind of kook on the extreme right and you mishmash them all together and you get the Teabag movement...

The Republican Party may indeed split. I think that would be a very good thing. I would like to see all the right-wing crazies shipped off to North Dakota and to rant fulminate in the cold out there and leave Ron Paul's sensible supporters.

When the Republican Party has been reduced to the ranks of sensible people who believe the Rothschilds were behind September 11 and that Muslim terrorism is America's fault, then things will truly be ready to turn around.

Eric Margolis is deeply concerned about the scourge of Islamophobia

The White House and media were quick to blame Muslims who hated America’s lifestyle and values, launching the concept of “Islamic terrorism” – i.e. that the Muslim faith, not political issues, prompted the attacks.

This dangerous canard has infected America, leading to a rising tide of Islamophobia.

That tide always seems to be rising. Like the tide of Global Warming, which Margolis is also concerned about.

Canadian conservatives from Alberta share the same retarded notion with their Republican soul-mates that massacring helpless, defenseless animals with high-powered weapons is somehow manly and patriotic. It's not. It's cowardly, uncivilized and shameful in our day and age. Trophy hunting and killing bears should be banned. So, too, shooting corralled animals for sport.

Al those who think hunting is a fine sport should see the gripping film, Predator, which gives a sense of the terror felt by hunted animals.

And those who think game shows are fun, should watch another Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, The Running Man. And anyone who is okay with computers has to go see The Terminator.

In response to the Boston Marathon massacre, Eric Margolis reprinted his article calling for Chechen independence and applied his Truther leanings to the Muslim terrorism there.

FSB chief Vladimir Putin was catapulted into power by the anti-Chechen hysteria caused by the mysterious bombings. Two years later, the eerily similar 9/11 attacks would similarly turn George Bush from a non-entity into a hero, and provide a pretext for the US to invade Afghanistan and Iraq...

The world ignored these violations but paid rapt attention to another crime, the death of over 300 Russian child hostages in the still murky school massacre at Beslan.

Very murky. You can never be sure who really murdered those children; the Muslim terrorists or Dick Cheney.

And Eric Margolis is rather predictably sympathetic to Chavez and Al Qaeda terrorists at Gitmo.

Shame of Guantanamo continues as at least 28 of 166 prisoners on hunger strike/being force fed through tubes. Worthy of USSR/China not US.

— Eric Margolis (@ericmargolis) March 26, 2013


@darthtutu. I feel much sorrow for Chavez as a human being and hope he recovers.Venezuela's economy is also sick and needs doctoring.

— Eric Margolis (@ericmargolis) February 26, 2013


This is the sort of "academic" influence that will help define Ron Paul's Institute for Peace and Prosperity. And if it happens to be mostly indistinguishable from the left, so is most of Ron Paul's foreign policy.

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