Philly Nears Bankruptcy, Decides to Cover Sex Changes for City Workers

If the United States goes down, the last loaf of bread will be divided based on race and the last dollar will be spent paying a diversity officer to decide who gets the last slice

Won't someone think of the trannies Won't someone think of the trannies

If the United States ever does go down, the last gallon of gas will be used to drive a Planned Parenthood representative to an elementary school, the last loaf of bread will be divided based on race, gender and victimhood status and the last dollar will be spent paying a diversity officer to decide who gets the last slice of the last loaf of bread.

Philadelphia is on the verge of bankruptcy. Its bonds are hovering above junk status, it has nearly 9 billion dollars in debt and it has the lowest credit rating of any city its size.

But its elected officials are focusing on the important issues. The really important issues. Like housing projects for old gay men.

His dream project, an affordable housing complex welcoming to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender seniors, had won a competitive bid for an $11 million state tax credit.

For more than three years, the 61-year-old founder and publisher of PGN has been planning, lobbying, negotiating, collaborating, and cajoling every social-service agency, activist group, and political leader he knows to make Philadelphia one of the first cities in the nation to meet the needs of the aging LGBT community.

And mandatory gender neutral toilets reported on in a story titled "Flushing Away Shame."

Advocates say the transgendered community makes up 1 percent of Philly's population.

That would mean that there are 153,000 trannies in Philly. While Philly can be on the seedy side, it isn't that seedy. No place outside Bangkok might qualify.

But that's about to change because despite being near bankruptcy, Philadelphia's City Council voted 14-3 to cover gender mutilation surgery for city workers.

In a move that the LGBT community called "historic," City Council approved a bill yesterday that would require the city's health plan to pay for transgender city workers to complete "gender-confirmation surgery." The bill also would require newly constructed or renovated city-owned buildings to have gender-neutral bathrooms.

The bill would establish transgender health benefits for city workers to cover psychotherapy, hormone treatments, laser-hair removal and gender-confirmation surgery, which costs about $50,000 per procedure.

The bill would also provide up to two tax credits - the lesser of $4,000 or 25 percent of any cost increases - to companies that start offering health care for life partners and their children and covering transgender medical needs.

Mayor Nutter will sign off on the measure, said spokesman Mark McDonald.

While the majority of Philly city workers enjoy life too much to get themselves castrated, its pension liabilities are already huge. The city has 9 billion in unfunded liabilities and is expected to hit the wall in 2015.

That's 2 years away.

While Mayor Nutter is running around trying to convince investors that Philly isn't run by a bunch of irresponsible morons with less common sense than squirrels on absinthe, its city council, ignoring 9 billion in unfunded pensions, adds a 50,000 per worker sex change operation entitlement and tax credits for companies willing to cover castration for their employees,

This isn't rearranging deck chairs on the titanic. This is drilling politically correct holes in the hull and inviting any LGBT icebergs to step inside.