Special Operator who Debriefed Benghazi Responders Claims Troops Were Available

"The community feels that there was a betrayal at the top and people in Benghazi were left to fend for themselves."

There seems to be an uptick in reports coming out now about Benghazi. This interview is still hidden, but we may not be far away from the first full testimony or interview with either a survivor or someone who was part of the process.

"Special Report" hosts a special operator that says multiple assets could have aided U.S. forces in Benghazi.

The administration has insisted from the beginning that there was no help available for the Americans under assault in Libya. None that could arrive in time to change the outcome in Benghazi.

Because the Special Operator in this video is fearful of reprisal, we have agreed to conceal his identity.

Only a few dozen people in the world know what happened that night and FOX News spoke exclusively with a Special Operator who watched the events unfold and has debriefed those who were part of the response.

SPECIAL OPERATOR: “I know for a fact that C 110 CIF was doing a training exercise, not in the region of northern Africa but in Europe. And they had the ability to react and respond.”

The C110 is a Combatant Commanders In-extremis Force, in layman's terms, a 40 man special operators force capable of rapid response and deployment specifically trained for incidents like the one in Benghazi.

That night they were training in Croatia, just like 3.5 hours away.

SPECIAL OPERATOR: "We had the ability to load out and fly all birds there at a minimum stage. C110, in my opinion, had the ability to be there in 4-6 hours from their theater.

“They would have been there before the second attack. They would have been there at a minimum to provide a quick reaction force that could facilitate their exfil out of the problem situation. Nobody knew how it was going to develop, and you hear a whole bunch of people and a whole bunch of advisors say hey, we wouldn’t have sent them there because the security was unknown situation.”

“If it’s an unknown situation, at a minimum you send forces there to facilitate the exfil or medical injuries. We could have sent a C 130 to Benghazi to provide medical evacuation for the injured.”

Our source says many connected to Benghazi feel threatened and are afraid to talk.

The community feels that there was a betrayal at the top and people in Benghazi were left to fend for themselves.