Being Attacked by Harry Reid is Like Being Savaged by a Dead Sheep


The insult, originally meant for Geoffrey Howe back in the UK, could just as easily be applied to Harry Reid, whose idea of a cutting insult is to accuse another senator of being a schoolyard bully.

“The senator from Texas was on the losing side ... now he wants us to adopt the losing side’s view or we cannot go to conference,” Reid said.

“My friend from Texas is like a schoolyard bully,” Reid added.

"He pushes everybody around and is losing and instead of playing the game according to the rules, he not only takes the ball home with him, but he changes the rules — that way no one wins except the bully who tries to indicate to people that he has won."

Cruz, a Tea Party darling whose rhetoric has sometimes raised eyebrows among Republicans, shot back that “I wasn’t aware we are in the schoolyard.”

Reid cut him off, saying “enough.”

Obama has been blamed for the failure to pass gun control, but it could just as easily be Harry Reid. Reid's greatest accomplishment was to make it to another senate term despite being wildly unpopular. Does that qualify him to be the Senate Majority Leader?

While Republicans complain about Boehner, Democrats are saddled with the even more inept Reid. The dead sheep of the Senate has clumsily stumbled around with random dictatorial maneuvers that alienated as many Democrats as Republicans. But that is what makes him useful.

Obama does not want a strong Democratic rival with his own power base. An incompetent Democratic Senate Majority Leader serves him well by making it impossible to get anything done except by executive order.

Reid knows his role well enough. He isn't supposed to get anything done, but to make it impossible to get anything done. He exists as a stalking horse for the imperial power of the White House.