Ed Markey Claims Credit for Inventing Smartphones and Facebook

"I serve as the Chairman of the Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming in the U.S. House of Representatives. I have teleported here over the Internet."

Ed Markey's ad is a perfect companion piece to the people who believed Judge Judy was going to be on the Supreme Court. But give Markey credit for trying.

The tech revolution that a Massachusetts politician is trying to claim credit for largely came out of California. Facebook did come out of Massachusetts, insofar as Mark Zuckerberg was a Harvard student, but its existence had nothing to do with Ed Markey, unless Markey gave Zuckerberg the idea to start trying to create his own version of Hot or Not.

And I really look forward to Ed Markey trying to make that claim. It should be more entertaining than the Winklevoss twins.

Massachusetts Senate candidate Rep. Ed Markey‘s claims to have helped promote technological innovation drew jeers during his primary campaign against Democrat Stephen Lynch, when Markey claimed during a March 27 debate that he “took on the monopolies” and therefore deserved credit for such famed Internet properties as eBay, Facebook and Twitter. That claim drew comparison to former Vice President Al Gore‘s claim to have invented the Internet, but now Markey has made those claims the centerpiece of the first TV ad in his campaign against Republican Gabriel Gomez, and an examination of Markey’s role in telecommunications legislation shows the 66-year-old congressman could have difficulty defending his claims in a surprisingly competitive election.

Markey’s newly released campaign ad shows him in an office full of computers, saying that broadband, cell phones and the Internet didn’t exist 20 years ago. True enough, but an examination of the congressional record raises doubts about Markey’s claims — repeated in his campaign literature — that he played a key role in making these innovations possible.

But let's give Ed Markey some credit. He's always been known for his willingness to embrace really stupid tech trends.

In December 2007, Markey became the first US politician to utilize the medium of Second Life, through which he addressed the delegates of the UNFCCC in Bali as part of OneClimate's Virtual Bali event.

In honor of Ed Markey's invention of Facebook, Smartphones and Second Life, I present to you some of his opening remarks from that historically stupid event...

Ladies, gentlemen…avatars, thank you for joining me today on the virtual island of Bali created by One Climate in Second Life

As some of you may know, I serve as the Chairman of the Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming in the U.S. House of Representatives.  I have teleported here over the Internet, as you can see, as an avatar, taking advantage of the new possibilities of digital collaboration that mimic in-person travel without the carbon footprint that comes with taking a jet to a place as remote from the United States as Bali.

I wanted say a special thank you to OneClimate and OneWorld who built and maintain this virtual Bali space and OneClimate Island. Their efforts are making it possible for people all across the planet, to not only join in the UN Conference discussion, but also to learn about sustainable living. I invite everyone to take a tour of the Island after this speech.

This is my first foray into Second Life, but it won’t be my last. I applauded all the residents of Second Life who have been building out a truly unique world, pushing the limits of imagination -- creating this 3-D world where the potential for global communication, scientific innovation, commerce and education initiatives truly has no limit

Other things that have no limit, include Ed Markey's ego, his dwindling grip on reality and his banking on the credulity of the voters.

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