Alabama Democratic Party Broke, Faces Eviction for Not Paying Rent

"Next came the water company with a message, pay up by the next day or we're cutting off the water. Then came news from banks that party credit cards were now cancelled."


Apparently spending money you don't have doesn't work too well when you can't just print your own money. But maybe the Alabama Democratic Party can get some budget tips from Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman.

Or maybe tips like those nearly got them evicted.

According to its website, the Alabama Democratic Party believes in the equality of all people, the power of education, the dignity of work, and our responsibility to each other, especially the least of these.

One thing it doesn't believe in is having a budget.

Acting state Democratic Party Chairwoman Nancy Worley lowered her head and slowly shook it side to side when summing up the financial condition of her once powerful party.

"We're broke, broke, broke," Worley told the party's Executive Board.

"This is my 18th day as chair and thirty minutes after I took over on April 22nd the landlord of the building where our party headquarters are came in and said he wanted us out, that the rent was overdue and was always overdue," said Worley.

Next came the water company with a message, said Worley: pay up by the next day or we're cutting off the water. Next came the same warning from Alabama Power. Next came news from banks that party credit cards had been maxed out and were now cancelled.

"I didn't even know where the checkbook was, not that it would have made much difference," said Worley.

Worley said she dealt with each demand for back payments the same way.

"I begged them to give me a few more days, that I had just taken over the job and needed a little time" said Worley. "I have never done that much begging in my life."

Not knowing where the checkbook is seems like part of the problem. And there's also the stealing. What would the Democratic Party be without its firm commitment to wealth redistribution?

Among the alleged missing equipment are laptops, cell phones and printing paper. Worley said she personally observed a car parked at the back rear of party headquarters over the weekend of April 20th and saw equipment and art work and printer paper lined along the back wall.

Montgomery lawyer and Democrat James Anderson, who volunteered his time to help the board, told the group that he had met with Kennedy before the board meeting and Kennedy assured him that anything that might have been mistakenly taken would be returned.


But some on the board pointed out to Reed and Worley that the party's financial troubles are not new nor the fault of Kennedy who inherited most of the debt, which goes back to 1999 when the party borrowed money to help finance then Gov. Don Siegelman's failed education lottery campaign.

Shocking. Maybe the Democratic Party in Alabama needs its own lottery. If you win, you get to be the new Chairman.