Ted Cruz on Amnesty: "Americans Expect their Government to End the Lawlessness, Not Surrender To It."

"They deserve immigration reform with actual border security, enforcement of the laws on the books, and a legal immigration system that works,"


There are a lot of arguments for what the metrics for real conservatism should be. I would argue that the willingness to sign on to a letter like this in defiance of the special interests pushing amnesty is what separates true conservatives from people who give crowd pleasing speeches.

Ted Cruz has joined Jeff Sessions, Mike Lee and Chuck Grassley in a letter by Senate Judiciary Committee conservatives blasting the amnesty bill.

“Americans expect their government to end the lawlessness, not surrender to it. They deserve immigration reform with actual border security, enforcement of the laws on the books, and a legal immigration system that works,” the senators wrote. “We must welcome and celebrate legal immigrants, but S. 744 fails to deliver anything more than the same empty promises Washington has been making for 30 years.”

Here are some of the excerpted concerns from their letter

1. S. 744 provides immediate legalization without securing the border

"Secretary Napolitano seems to think that efforts to secure the border are already adequate, claiming repeatedly that our border is more security than it has ever been." Under S. 744, legalization depends on a finding of satisfactory border security by a single, unelected bureaucrat who has stated publicly that she believes the border is already secure."

2. S. 744 rewards criminal aliens, absconders and deportees and undermines law enforcement

Under this bill, aliens with criminal records are eligible for legalization

3. S. 744 contains extremely dangerous national security loopholes

S. 744 does not require in-person interviews for a single applicant who applies for legal status

4. S. 744 facilitates fraud in our immigration system

The bill allows employers to accept either a voter registration card, or for those under 18, an affidavit by an individual over 21 stating the person is who he says he is, as proof of identity.

5. S. 744 creates no real penalties for illegal immigrants and rewards them with entitlements

6. S. 744 delays for years the implementation of E-Verify

7. S. 744. does not fix our legal immigration system

S. 744 complicates our legal immigration system by creating even more categories of visas and reducing transparency through a series of exemptions from visa caps.

8. It is clear that a deal was made during months of private negotiations between special interest groups, labor unions and select business interests, to which only the bill's sponsors were privy. Those agreements were strictly enforced during the public markup of the bill, with proponents citing at least a dozen times a "deal" or "agreement" as their excuse for votes against policies they would otherwise support.

9. S. 744 rewards those who have broken our laws by offering a special path to citizenship

Congress today could pass with overwhelming bipartisan support measures that ensure border security, help agents enforce the laws and improve our legal immigration system. But that will not happen because the president and others insist on a special path to citizenship for people who intentionally broke our laws even before our borders are secured."