Why the $40 Billion Border Security Deal for Amnesty is Worthless


The deal was already worthless from Day 1 for the same reason that any deal which depends on Obama Inc. securing the border is worthless. If you don't believe that illegal immigration is a bad thing, you can't be relied on to prevent it. And Obama clearly does not believe that it is a bad thing.

But the big numbers being touted for the Corker- Hoeven amendment, itself a new bill, are also meaningless because all it really does is propose to spend money on X, Y and Z.

Those proposals are subject to the whims of Obama and anyone who comes after him. And they are subject to the whims of Congress. While amnesty is absolute, the border security measures being used as counters to purchase amnesty are worthless. They're IOU notes that can be pulled at any time.

Members of Congress who promise that money will be spent on efforts to secure the border conveniently withhold the fact that one Congress cannot bind a future Congress to appropriate funds mandated by already established laws. Such a practice is known as legislative entrenchment and courts have long upheld this position.

If a future Congress does not want to appropriate funds to hire more border agents or build 700 miles of fencing, those lawmakers can opt not to appropriate funds for the effort.

Advocates of the Senate’s immigration bill point to different provisions in the bill that would ensure border security through the proposed Corker- Hoeven amendment. They claim $40 billion over ten years will be mandated to be spent on 700 miles of border fencing, 20,000 additional border agents, and an immigrant worker E-verify system among other measures.

Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) has pointed out that while current immigration bill supporters tout that 20,000 additional border agents will be mandated by the Corker-Hoeven amendment, these agents will not be hired by DHS until 2017. Like so many instances before, the 115th Congress could decide that hiring more border security agents is unnecessary on the list of appropriation considerations.

And at the rate we're going 11 million illegal aliens will be voting by the time the issue even comes up. Which will change the game all over again.