Cuban Dictator Tells Entire Country of Drunk Pig-Raising Public Urinators to Get Off His Lawn

The family that ran Cuba into the ground is now complaining that the Cuban people are just too gauche.

Raising pigs Raising pigs

The Castro family is apparently determined to end its dictatorship with a whimper instead of a bang. The family that ran Cuba into the ground is now complaining that the Cuban people are just too gauche.

Raul Castro spent the lion’s share of a prominent speech Sunday scolding his countrymen for all kinds of bad behavior, everything from corruption and theft to public urination and the odoriferous practice of raising pigs in cities.

Speaking before legislators at one of parliament’s twice-annual sessions, the Cuban president railed against decaying morals, a deteriorating sense of civic responsibility and vanishing values like honor, decency and decorum

Castro aired a laundry list of complaints about illegal activities that he said do the country harm: unauthorized home construction, illicit logging and slaughter of livestock and the acceptance of bribes, to name a few.

He also fulminated against baser examples of "social indiscipline": shouting and swearing in the streets, public drinking and drunk driving, dumping trash on the roadside and even people who relieve themselves in parks.

"When I meditate on these regrettable displays, it makes me think that despite the undeniable educational achievements made by the Revolution ... we have taken a step back in citizens' culture and public spirit," Castro said. "I have the bitter sensation that we are a society ever more educated, but not necessarily more enlightened."

Raul Castro is half-right. Cuba is more educated if you consider Socialist diploma mills to be an education. But then again wasn't it Fidel Castro who boasted that in Cuba even the prostitutes had advanced degrees?

There's not much enlightenment in that attitude. It's education as gamification. The Castros destroyed the same values whose loss they only now seem to notice. Like the Bolsheviks and the ChiComs, they degraded and destroyed everything they considered counterrevolutionary only to find themselves living in a materialistic country with little use for Socialism and no respect for anything more than their own wants and needs.

That's what a Socialist country looks like in the end. The upper system is destroyed leaving only the base lower system.