Gracious in Victory, Mugabe Tells Election Opponents to Commit Suicide

The DNC should consider him to replace Debbie Wasserman-Schultz


If Mugabe ever gets the Morsi treatment, the DNC should consider him to replace Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, not only is he more pleasant to be around, his wealth redistribution program is more in keeping with the long-term program of the Democratic Party.

In his first public statement since the July 31 elections, Mugabe vowed to “never” repudiate his election win.

Speaking at the annual Heroes’ Day gathering in Zimbabwe’s capital Harare, Mugabe insisted that Zimbabweans voted freely and called on Tsvangirai to accept defeat.

‘Those who are smarting from defeat can commit suicide if they so wish. But I tell them even dogs will not sniff at their flesh if they choose to die that way,’ he said.

Heroes' Day is Zimbabwe's commemoration of the terrorist campaign against the civilian population of Rhodesia.

Election monitor groups found significantly higher percentages of voter suppression at urban polling stations, the typical strongholds of support for the MDC.

So it's just like an Obama election.