John Kerry is Coming For Your Refrigerator

The real national security threat is your refrigerator

We're losing the war on ISIS, but it's okay, because according to the increasingly insane Democratic Party, the real national security threat is your refrigerator or maybe your air conditioner. After we banned CFCs and replaced them with HCFs to "save the planet", we now have to ban HCFs to "save the planet" from the Flying Global Warming Monster.

Sure alternatives will be expensive and won't work as well and we'll have to cover the cost... and then it will turn out that those alternatives also have to be banned (otherwise what will Warmunists and Ecofascists do with their spare time?) but it's the only thing standing between us and planetary annihilation.

So Kerry is pushing for an amendment to the Montreal Protocol to ban HFCs. Nobody is particularly enthusiastic about this, especially people in hot countries where a working air conditioner can be the difference between life and death.

But all the right leaders have been bribed with American taxpayer money and who cares about human suffering anyway? Certainly not the sorts of folks who celebrate malaria mass murderess Rachel Carson as a heroine.

This latest wave of state-sponsored misery is already, illegally, being rolled out here.

Critics, though, complain the proposed rules would force commercial refrigeration to shift from what's known as hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) to alternative coolants -- only a few years after they were told HFCs were the best alternative to ozone-depleting gasses.

It'll be even more fun when they're told a few years from now that the alternatives make Indians cry, crack tectonic plates and cause penguins to sniffle.

Whitfield contends it’s a costly process and “American consumers will bear much of the cost of the proposed rule” through higher prices and less energy efficiency. He doesn’t even know if the new rules would be “legal” under the Clean Air Act.

Legal, schmegal. What are you, some kind of right-wing nut? We don't care about whether things are legal anymore. We just force people to do things so that Obama donors can make money and claim it saves the planet.


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