Orthodox Jews Outraged by Orthodox Union Backing for Anti-Semitic Syrian Migrants

Betraying vulnerable Holocaust survivors to anti-Semitic violence may be the most shameful act of the Orthodox Union

When Nathan Diament, the public policy director for the Orthodox Union, tweeted a link to an OU statement calling for the migration of Syrians, the majority of whom hold violently anti-Semitic views, his only response came from Peter Beinart.

It was telling that Beinart, an extreme anti-Israel figure, was the only voice of support for the bizarre press release from the Orthodox Union's public policy office.

The Orthodox Union shamefully exploited the Holocaust while ignoring the concerns of Orthodox Jews whose synagogues have been repeatedly targeted by Muslim terrorists in America.

Some of the members of these synagogues are actual Holocaust survivors. They are all too aware of violent Muslim attacks on Holocaust survivors in Europe such as the one in which Samuel and Diana Blug, 87 and 86, were violently assaulted by Muslims who called them, "Dirty Jews".

Betraying vulnerable Holocaust survivors to anti-Semitic violence may be the most shameful act of the Orthodox Union. Doing so in the name of the Holocaust is an unfathomable moral crime.

While Diament exploits the Holocaust for anti-Semitic migrants, a country where actual Nazis were welcomed and where the vast majority of the population supports Hamas, ordinary Orthodox Jews worry which one of Nathan Diament's refugees will assault them on the street.

And yet it's not surprising that Nathan Diament and the OU sold out the concerns of Orthodox Jews to score points in Washington D.C.

Orthodox Jews in America have a variety of organizations. The Orthodox Union is to the left of the average Orthodox Jew. And Diament is to the left of the Orthodox Union.

The OU's policy director is a pal of Obama's and has raised eyebrows by taking the Orthodox group into strange areas, particularly in Syria. Most bafflingly, the OU had endorsed military action in Syria as a "moral principle" making it clear once again that he had turned its advocacy arm into a rubber stamp for the agenda of a left-wing establishment whose views he appeared to share.

The OU had some idea how unpopular this agenda was because the statement hardly mentioned Syria and talked instead about Iran and Hezbollah. But on Twitter, Diament let the real point slip out.

The OU statement was met with immediate outrage from Jews at the OU's bizarre statement using the Holocaust to promote the entry of a widely anti-Semitic population. But ultimately the only thing the statement accomplished was to remind Orthodox Jews that the Orthodox Union had spent so much time pandering to Obama that it was out of touch with their values and concerns.

OU members, Rabbis and anyone who carries a presumption that Diament speaks in their name when invoking the Holocaust in support of endangering Jewish lives is obligated to speak out. Otherwise when one of Diament's migrants attacks Jews, they will not be able to say, "Yodeinu lo safchu et ha'dam ve'einu lo rainu." "Our hands did not shed this blood and our eyes did not see it."

UPDATE: The Young Israel has a statement rejecting any comparisons between Jews fleeing the Holocaust and Syrian migrants.

“The National Council of Young Israel is deeply concerned about the situation in Syria and is sympathetic to the plight of all those Syrian refugees who are fleeing persecution and armed conflict. Nevertheless, it is important to unequivocally note that regardless of the position one takes about admitting the migrants into the United States, there is absolutely no moral equivalency between the plight of the Syrian refugees and the unique trials and tribulations that confronted the Jews as they desperately sought to survive the Holocaust and the Nazi regime during World War II. We believe that drawing a parallel between the historic Shoah and the current discord in middle-eastern Islamist countries are two very different sets of circumstances and is wrong, and we further believe that is it highly offensive to those Jews who survived Nazi persecution.”


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