#MeToo: New Yorker Accuses Rape Victim of Islamophobia

The timing couldn't be better, 

The New Yorker just picked a Pulitzer for its #MeToo report. What better time to dismiss a rape victim as an Islamophobe. 

The issue in question is Tariq Ramadan, an Islamist leader from a royal Muslim Brotherhood dynasty, who had become very popular on the left. Then he was accused of rape.

Henda Ayari, a former Muslim fundamentalist who says Ramadan raped her in a Paris hotel room in 2012, said she was encouraged to speak out against him publicly by the "Me Too" campaign sweeping the world.

Ayari, who lodged a rape complaint against the 55-year-old Swiss national on October 20, charged that for Tariq Ramadan, "either you wear a veil or you get raped".

"He choked me so hard that I thought I was going to die," she added.

A second unnamed woman on Friday also accused Ramadan of raping her in a hotel room in 2009.

As Gulio Meotti at Gatestone reports, not only have his victims been threatened, but the left has rallied around Ramadan.

130 personalities, including the economist Thomas Piketty and the French feminist Caroline De Haas, have defined the case against Ramadan as "a political campaign that, far from defending the cause of women, imposes on our country a destructive agenda of hatred and fear".

Piketty was recently a Socialist idol. And he allegedly has his own issues with women.

Thomas Piketty, the “rock star” economist, has been accused of beating his former girlfriend Aurelie Filippetti, France’s culture minister.

The 42-year-old economist’s affair with Ms Filippetti, 40, ended after she lodged a complaint with Paris police about an attack in 2009.

A Socialist Party source, who was close to the couple when they shared a flat on Paris’s Left Bank, said: ‘Frankly, she views him as a woman beater who used violence as a solution to their domestic problems. The details of what Thomas did to Aurélie are quite shocking – they drove her to contemplate suicide.

‘Many believed the complaints about Thomas were politically motivated, but Aurelie herself spoke about them often in private. She was desperate to bring Thomas to justice.

‘It was one of the darkest periods of her life.’

Meanwhile the New Yorker also goes for the Islamophobia defense.

According to The New Yorker: "Ayari, who has received death threats, is a former Salafist who broke with Islam and has became a devout feminist and secularist à la française. She is something of a heroine in the extreme-right circles of the fachosphère, where Islamophobia is a ticket of admission".

Multiple women have accused Ramadan of assaulting them. Are they all Islamophobes? 

This is the same old Clinton defense that was used to dismiss his accusers. Frankentruthers have been doing the same thing. Handing the New Yorker an award for #MeToo reporting is a sham when it perpetuates the same attacks on rape victims who accuse a figure who clicks with a media outlet's politics.

Their daily hell has been exposed by the French weekly Marianne. "You only get what you deserve" is one of the many messages "Marie" (one of the two women who uses a pseudonym) receives every day. Except that message came from one of Ramadan's brothers.

"I go out less and less", she said. A few days ago, she was attacked on the street. "Dirty bitch", four young men shouted at her.

One day, while "Marie" was bringing her son to school, a car stopped and the driver shouted, "Shut up; watch out for your children". On March 24, she was violently assaulted in the hall of her home by two men who beat her up, sprayed water on her and said: "Next time it will be gasoline".

"Christelle", the second woman using a pseudonym, receives emails from strangers containing "very specific information about her private life and schedule".

Henda Ayari, who filed the first complaint against Ramadan on October 20, 2017, no longer receives any support: "My family does not speak to me any more". Her name, phone numbers and addresses were disclosed on social media.Her care was vandalized. "I cannot go shopping anymore," Ayari said, "I cannot walk down the street, I go out with a cap, sunglasses and my head down... "I have not received any message [of support] from feminist organizations" she told Marianne.

These women aren't just being targeted by Ramadan's Muslim supporters. But by his leftist supporters in the press.

After this article, the New Yorker's #MeToo Pulitzer should be pulled. And it would be if there was any integrity behind their distribution.


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