Comey: "I Didn't Know That I Knew" Weiner Was Married to Huma Abedin

James Comey doesn't know a whole lot. Whenever he's asked to testify, out spill a lot of Clintonesque claims of ignorance. But even by the standard of things that Comey doesn't know, this section from the IG report is truly impressive.

James Comey doesn't know what he knows.

Act 1: Comey plays really dumb.

"Comey told the OIG that he recalled first learning of the presence of the additional emails on the Weiner laptop at some point in early October 2016, although Comey said it was possible this could have occurred in late September. Comey explained: I was aware sometime in the first week or two of October that there was a laptop that a criminal squad had seized from Anthony Weiner in New York and someone said to me that—and I’m thinking it might have been Andrew McCabe, but someone said to me kind of in passing, they’re trying to figure out whether it has any connection to the Midyear investigation. And the reason that’s so vague in my head is I think—I never imagined that there might be something on a guy named Anthony Weiner’s computer that might connect to the Hillary Clinton email investigation, so I kind of just put it out of my mind."

Aww shucks. You can't expect a small town sheriff to stay on top of all this big city stuff. Who knows which aspiring politician the chief gatekeeper to Hillary Clinton is married to? Not an outsider like Jimbo Comey.

Act 2: Comey plays really, really dumb

"Comey described himself as having a “reasonably good memory” and speculated, “[T]he reason I didn’t index it is, it was a passing thing that almost seemed like he might be kidding, and so I don’t think I indexed it hard." 

Which FBI bigwig hasn't dropped a joke about a presidential candidate's classified emails illegally ending up on a sex offender suspect's computer? Wait till you hear the one about the engineer and the stolen atom bomb plans. Or the one about the Muslim terror plot against a Mohammed cartoon contest in Texas.

"And I think it was the beginning of October and then I think it disappears from my memory. And then I remember for certain when Andy emails me, I think it’s the 27th [of October] saying, the Midyear team needs to meet with you urgently or right away or something.”

It's funny how Comey's funny memory improves when the thing he's fudging is documented. It's.... Clintonesque.

Act 3: Comey doesn't know what he knows.

"We asked Comey to explain why this initial information about the Weiner laptop did not “index” with him given that Abedin was closely connected to Clinton. Comey stated, “I don’t know that I knew that [Weiner] was married to Huma Abedin at the time.” 

Comey doesn't know what he knows? I hadn't realized that a Higher Loyalty was meant in a Cheech and Chong way.

This is what you claim when you know there may be documented evidence of you knowing what you claim not to know.

There are known knowns, known unknowns, and unknown unknowns. Also Comey unknowns. 


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