CNN: Too Many Catholics on the Supreme Court

And now a word from the Party of Tolerance at CNN. Or to paraphrase Michelle Obama, "When they nominate a Supreme Court justice, we start talking like bigots."

There's only ever been one Catholic president and Catholics are a declining portion of the US population, but they're holding a strong majority on the US Supreme Court.

Actually with rising Hispanic immigration, it's a rising demographic in the long term. And currently it's 1 out of 5 adults. Probably a higher rate among children.

When President Donald Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court Tuesday night, Kavanaugh described his Catholic faith and the importance of the church in his life -- from the high school he attended to the Catholic Youth Organization basketball teams he now coaches.

If confirmed, Kavanaugh will replace Anthony Kennedy, who is Catholic. Trump's other nominee, now-Justice Neil Gorsuch, replaced Catholic Antonin Scalia. Gorsuch attends Episcopal churches now, but was raised Catholic

And the significance of Gorsuch being raised Catholic, despite no longer being Catholic, is what exactly?

Every other Republican-appointed Justice on the court is Catholic. And Democrat-appointed Sonia Sotomayor was raised Catholic and during her nomination was described as a "cultural Catholic."That means six of the nine Justices, two-thirds, have a Catholic background.

There's even a creepy chart defining the justices by their religion.

6 are Catholic, 3 are Jewish. That might not be proportional to the population, but likely is a result of both religions having a studious culture that tends to pore over details and the philosophies behind laws. 


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