Lefty Jewish Groups Fail to Defend Jewish Students Against Racial Quotas

Another helpful reminder that your average "Jewish" organization is a lefty group that claims in its direct mail offerings and press releases to represent Jews while in actual reality doing nothing to actually stand up for Jews, while instead supporting a motley grab bag of lefty causes.

Asian groups have protested against Mayor Bill de Blasio's proposed racial quotas for New York City's elite high schools. Not Jewish groups.

For now, Jewish groups are sitting out the debate. “We have not taken a position on this issue,” said Marc Stern, general counsel of the American Jewish Committee, via email. A representative at another prominent national Jewish organization who asked not to be named said his group is “studying the issue but have not taken a position yet.”

And never will. Unless it's for.

These are the same groups outraged over the Muslim travel ban and every lefty social issue under the sun. Yet they're political parasites who draw on the resources of the Jewish community while giving nothing back to it.


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