Trump Stops Dem Unions from Stealing from Parents of Disabled Kids

There are policy areas that people of goodwill can disagree on. And then there's the "You're going to hell for this" stuff.

Democrats and their union allies stealing from caregivers is a blatant example of the latter. Unions, SEIU, in particular, are vital parts of Dem organizing and fundraising infrastructure. When Dems siphon off more money for unions, they're really putting more money in the pockets of their political organizations. And the contributions go to them too.

But forcibly unionizing or seizing money from caregivers to unions is a particularly indefensible act. And now President Trump is putting a stop to it.

The Trump administration announced Tuesday it planned to end what it suggested was an illegal Obama-era rule allowing unions to collect dues from state subsidies intended for home health workers -- including family caregivers.

Federal law generally prohibits states from skimming money from Medicaid payments bound for independent in-home personal care workers. But in 2014, the Obama administration created an exception, saying that states could divert some of that Medicaid money to unions, on the theory that these workers effectively were public-sector employees.

Eleven left-leaning states have used that provision to raise more than $200 million a year for unions by taking it from health workers who often didn't even realize it, according to top GOP officials.

Those states include California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Illinois -- a blue state which has been at the center of recent Supreme Court rulings stripping power from organized labor.

But GOP leaders said the Obama administrative exception violates the federal Social Security Act, as well as the rights of home health workers.

The most scandal free administration ever stole money from family caregivers

House Republicans want to pull the plug on a controversial scheme in which unions collect dues from federal subsidies to people cared for by family members.

Despite a 2014 Supreme Court ruling barring unions from forcing family caregivers to pay union dues, 11 states allow health care labor organizations to classify them as public-sector workers who must pay dues. Those dues are then collected from federal payments to states through Medicaid and other government programs before funds are passed through to intended recipients.

Among those on Capitol Hill this week to bring awareness to the issue was Miranda Thorpe and her 21-year daughter, Sarena, for whom she provides care.

Cathy McMorris Rodgers, chairwoman of the House Republican Conference, is set to introduce legislation in the coming weeks to stop the practice in all 50 states, her office told Fox News on Monday.

“This is robbing our nation’s most vulnerable who need Medicaid the most. Every dollar that is diverted from a caregiver to a union hurts that family’s ability to care for their loved ones. Paying unions is not what Medicaid was designed for,” McMorris Rodgers’ office said in announcing the congresswoman’s plan for a bill that will ensure that Medicaid dollars are spent on caregivers, not unions.

To paraphrase Michelle Obama, "When they go low, we steal money from the parents of disabled people."

Imagine devoting every day to caring for your elderly parent, or your disabled child, in your home. You do this because you don’t want your loved one to go to a nursing home or a state institution. You want to provide loving in-home care. The state provides you with a modest Medicaid payment each month to help pay for the home care you provide.

Then, imagine how you feel when you find out a powerful interest group gets part of your monthly payment. Every month, Washington state automatically sends a portion of each home-care Medicaid payment and gives it to the Service Employees International Union (SEIU).

Hope. Change. Evil.


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