UN Compact Cracks Down on Media Outlets Telling Truth About Muslim Migrants

When your policies go bad, you can either own up to them or censor the messenger. The UN is predictably pursuing the latter course while trying to pressure advertisers to stop running ads with media outlets that tell the truth about migrant violence and terror.

190 UN states have approved the final text of a new international agreement that outlines a range of measures for tackling xenophobia.

The agreement outlines a range of measures for tackling xenophobia, including:

“Investing in ethical reporting standards and advertising and stopping allocation of public funding or material support to media outlets that systematically promote intolerance, xenophobia, racism and other forms of discrimination towards m
igrants, in full respect for the freedom of the media.”

The media is free... as long as we agree with it.

UN member states have recognised that an ethical approach to advertising has a key role in tackling xenophobia and promoting “evidence-based public discourse” around migration. By endorsing plans to end public funding for media outlets that promote xenophobia and racism, 190 out of 193 governments have agreed in principle to stop funding hate.

Of course the Muslim world will go on funding media that calls for the murder of Muslims and non-Jews. That's fine. Reporting on it isn't.

UN member states are due to meet in Morocco on 10-11 December on the 70th anniversary of the UN Declaration of Human Rights – to formally adopt the Global Compact for Migration and discuss its implementation.

Which means that the United States should be leading the fight against it. No censorship. No intimidation. No UN.


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