FLASHBACK: When the Media Defended Muslim Synagogue Terror Plotters

The orgy of self-righteous virtue signaling after the Squirrel Hill synagogue shootings is truly repulsive for anyone who remembers the history of anti-Semitic terror in America.

There are two groups that plot to attack synagogues: Muslim terrorists and Neo-Nazis.

The media covers for the former and condemns the latter. The Islamist groups condemning this latest attack by a Neo-Nazi have a history of defending synagogue terror plotters.

When Ahmed Ferhani was arrested for a plot to attack a synagogue, CAIR held a rally to support him.

Linda Sarsour, who had described throwing stones at Jews as “the definition of courage”, accused the Trump administration of anti-Semitism. Sarsour claims to be raising money to repair a vandalized Jewish cemetery. While the campaign was touted by the media, it is unclear who the actual donors are. 

What is clear is that Linda Sarsour supported Ahmed Ferhani. Sarsour insisted on calling the anti-Semitic terrorist a “boy” or a “kid”. She also defended the Riverdale Jewish Center bomb plotters.

At his trial, Ahmed Ferhani had boasted, "I intended to create chaos and send a message of intimidation and coercion to the Jewish population of New York City." 

“Look at the Jewish guy. You’re not smiling no more, you f___r. I hate those bastards. I hate those m______s. Those f____g Jewish bastards. I’d like to get one of those. I’d like to get a synagogue. Me. Yeah. Personally,” James Cromitie had ranted. 

This is what Linda Sarsour and the left have been defending for some time now. The vast majority of the accounts you will read about Cromitie, the Newburgh Four, and Ahmed Ferhani, will be positive. Their innocence has been defended by CBS, HBO, the New York Times and countless other media outlets.

The Newburgh Four, specifically, were the subjects of an HBO documentary defending them. That propaganda doc, The Newburgh Sting, won a Peabody Award.

The left opposes synagogue bombings and shootings. Except when they're carried out by their own political allies.


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