Jamal Khashoggi on Bin Laden “We Were Hoping to Establish an Islamic State Anywhere”

The media is trying to turn Jamal Khashoggi, an Islamist Muslim Brotherhood member, into a martyr and political dissident. Like everything that comes out of the media, it's a lie.

Here's more of the truth, from The Looming Tower.by Lawrence Wright.

It was also during this time, in high school, that bin Laden joined the Muslim Brothers. The organization was very much an underground movement in Saudi Arabia in the 1970s. “Only nerds were in it,” a fellow member recalled. The members were highly religious teenagers like bin Laden, and although they were not actively conspiring against the government, their meetings were secret and took place in private homes. The group sometimes went together on pilgrimages to Mecca, or on outings to the beach, where they would proselytize and pray.

“We were hoping to establish an Islamic state anywhere,” said Jamal Khashoggi, a friend of bin Laden’s who joined the Brotherhood at about the same time. “We believed that the first one would lead to another, and that would have a domino effect which could reverse the history of mankind.”

A domino effect. Eventually reaching the free world.

While Osama bin Laden later moved into advancing an armed conflict, his old friend stuck with the Muslim Brotherhood's approach.

"Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman should get rid of his complex against the Muslim Brotherhood and stop treating them as the enemy or a threat to Saudi Arabia," he said.

"This is a big mistake."

Instead he wanted the Saudis to fight Israel.

Khashoggi, who spoke to Al Jazeera from Washington, DC, expressed hope that Saudi Arabia would go back to assume its leadership of the Arab world and shift its focus to the causes that are very important to the Arabs, mainly to support the Palestinians in their struggle against Israel.

He deplored the authorities' decision to allow some in the Saudi news media to express support for Israel against the Palestinians, 

No wonder the media was in love with Jamal. He was a Muslim Brotherhood member who hated Israel.


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