Caravan Migrant Invader Throws Rocks at Border Patrol

There's a reason that we don't let people break into houses, cars or countries. The sorts of people engaging in that kind of behavior are likely to be dangerous, violent and unstable.

The migrant caravan, despite the media props, is no different.

The Border Patrol reported the first major instance of migrant caravan-related violence Saturday, saying a Honduran man threw rocks at agents to try to keep from being arrested Friday in Arizona.

The 31-year-old, whom authorities didn’t name, had climbed a tree to try to avoid capture, then lit the tree afire and began to throw rocks at the agents as well as a helicopter called in to help track him.

Neither the agents nor the helicopter were hit by the projectiles.

The man was eventually arrested, and agents said he told them he was part of the migrant caravan that had been in the news. They said he had previous arrests in the U.S. and had been deported back in June.

Of course he was.

The Left's refugees are America's criminals.


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