Is Soros Profiting From His War on Facebook?

Alleged Nazi collaborator George Soros is best understood by playing him backward. His organizations mean the exact opposite of their names.

The Democracy Alliance is a plot to undermine democracy by a handful of wealthy oligarchs and special interests. His Open Society's goal is a closed society. 

Social media makes it too easy to have an open society. As opposed to a consolidated corporate media.

So George Soros allegedly plotted to regulate Facebook until it was as controlled as the media. His war on Facebook, run by astroturfed activists is bearing fruit, with the backing of the media.

But Soros is first and foremost a financial schemer. Is he cashing in on his own war on Facebook? Who knows. It is an interesting question.

Billionaire George Soros’ investment management firm has saved millions after completely selling off its shares of Facebook and slashing its stakes in Netflix and Goldman Sachs just before the stocks nosedived, a report said Wednesday.

Soros Management Fund saved $17.7 million in the fourth quarter by dumping the three stocks, Barron’s reported.

Goldman tumbled 15 percent in the fourth-quarter, while streaming-content giant Netflix plunged 29 percent since the end of September, according to Barron’s. Facebook has fallen 20 percent in the fourth quarter, hitting an intraday low of $126.85 on Tuesday.

Facebook's Soros scandals haven't helped any.


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