Leftists Dominate List of Top 10 Antisemitic Incidents

This shouldn't be surprising.

While anyone can commit an act of violence like the Tree of Life massacre, establishment anti-Semitism, as practiced within politics, academia, and major employment categories, is largely a behavior linked to the Left.

And so the Simon Wiesenthal Center's list of top 10 anti-Semitic incidents in 2018 begins with the Tree of Life massacre, but quickly shifts over to lefty anti-Semitism.

In a further acknowledgement of rising antisemitism in America, the veteran Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan — who last made the SWC’s top-10 list in 2012 — came in at number two this year, 

Farrakhan is personally not a lefty, but his political allies, from Obama to Eric Holder to the Women's March, are invariably on the Left. That's because the Left climbed into bed with black nationalists and supremacists, legitimizing their anti-Semitism. 

“In May, Farrakhan lost his Twitter account status after ranting about ‘satanic Jews’ during a three-hour speech. Despite all this and Farrakhan’s screaming ‘Death to America’ during a visit to Iran, he received a seat of honor in August at the funeral of Aretha Franklin, near former President Bill Clinton. The vile Farrakhan continues to draw accolades from the founders of the Women’s March on Washington, many elected officials and members of the entertainment community.”

Corbyn comes in at No. 4. A proud moment for the British Labour Party.

British Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn — who is fast becoming a fixture of the SWC’s annual list, having first appeared in 2015 — came in at number four. Corbyn was accused of being “directly responsible” for the wave of antisemitism that has enveloped his party in the three years since he was elected leader.

UNRWA and Airbnb come in at 5 and 6.

Episcopalian Bishop Gayle Harris of Massachusetts was listed at number eight, after she falsely claimed last July that she had personally witnessed Israeli soldiers arresting a three-year-old Palestinian child and shooting a Palestinian teenager in the back. Harris admitted that she fabricated the incidents after being pressed by the SWC, saying that she had been “ill-advised to repeat the stories without verification.”

And Waters clocks in at No. 10.

Coming at number ten was another familiar figure — the former Pink Floyd bassist and vocalist Roger Waters, arguably the most well-known musician promoting the BDS campaign.

“Waters, whose signature pig (adorned with a Star of David) floats above his concerts across Europe, was confronted by protesters in Latin and South America,” the SWC stated. “He continues to pressure fellow entertainers to boycott the Jewish state.”

But the Left still refuses to address its anti-Semitism.


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