After D.C. Clash, Media Failing to Report That Black Israelites May Be Hate Group

The D.C. confrontation has a lot of unanswered questions. One of them is exactly who the "Black Israelites" who appear to have triggered the confrontation were. There are a number of Black Hebrew groups, who are the rough equivalents of the Nation of Islam or similar black Buddhist churches in that they have little to do with the religion they claim to be related to.

Some Black Hebrew groups just have their beliefs, but are friendly and pose no threat to anyone. But there are racist and hateful Black Israelite groups that anyone who has spent enough time in New York City has probably run into.

The Black Israelites on the video appear to behave more like them.

If you don't believe me, take it from a lefty source in good standing: the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The notorious white supremacist leader Tom Metzger once remarked of extremist Hebrew Israelites, "They're the black counterparts of us." The belief system of extremist Hebrew Israelites is basically the reversed-color mirror image of the Christian Identity theology embraced by many white supremacists, which holds that mainstream Jews are the descendants of Satan and that white people are the chosen ones, divinely endowed by God with superior status over "mud people," believers' term for non-white individuals.

Though at this point, Black Israelite hate theology is just mainstream identity politics.

Confrontations between Hebrew Israelite street preachers and their perceived enemies are growing uglier and gaining increasing attention through video clips circulated to legions of viewers on websites like YouTube. The Israelite School of Universal Practical Knowledge, a sect that is the Israelite Church's main rival, has its own YouTube "channel," or video sharing distribution networks, with over 500 subscribers. One recently circulated Israelite School video, which has been viewed more than 26,000 times, shows a group of robed street preachers harassing a white woman until she bursts into tears. Another shows the preachers applauding as a white man kneels down to kiss the boots of "the prophets of God" while begging forgiveness for the sins of his race.

So standard campus white privilege training.

In yet another video, a preacher of the Israelite School, a man who identifies himself as General Mayakaahla Ka, offers this stark prediction for the future of the white race: "Every white person who doesn't get killed by Christ when he returns is going into slavery!"

The Hebrew Israelite hate groups are notorious for public confrontations.

General Mayakaahla Ka is shouting at a college-aged Jewish kid outside the Market East Station in downtown Philadelphia. He and three other extremist Hebrew Israelite preachers, all wearing the Israelite School insignia of two swords crossed through a Star of David, berate their victim until he begins to weep. The altercation is part of an Israelite School recruiting video that began circulating this spring and has since been viewed more than 73,000 times.

"Are you saying the Holocaust is a joke?" the Jewish man asks.

"It's a joke!" the "general" responds. "The Holocaust is a damn joke! Heil Hitler!"

All this comes from the SPLC. The media usually treats the SPLC as definitive. But in this case they're choosing to ignore it.


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