Amazon Boss Trying to Blame Affair on Trump

3.2.1 until they blame the Russians

There's nothing that a lefty won't accuse Trump of or blame on Trump.

But Amazon's slimy boss, Jeff Bezos, seems to be exploring a truly innovative approach to his affair, the break-up of his marriage and a possible record divorce settlement.

Blame Trump. And his people are running a trial balloon for "It's Trump's fault" in, where else, The Daily Beast.

Jeff Bezos’ personal security team has launched an investigation into how his text messages ended up in The National Enquirer, and the inquiry is increasingly convinced that political motives are behind the disclosure.

3.2.1 until they blame the Russians for Bezos' inability to keep his pants on.

The investigation is taking place independent of Amazon, and Bezos, the world’s richest man, is personally funding it. Investigators want to know who leaked the texts that publicly blew up Bezos’ marriage earlier this month by revealing, in lurid detail, his affair with Los Angeles news anchor Lauren Sanchez.

That will fix that. Maybe he shouldn't have used an AmazonPhone. 

According to three people familiar with the probe, investigators initially explored the possibility that Bezos’ phone was hacked. But those sources say a digital forensic analysis turned up no evidence of a hack and the theory was quickly discounted.

Maybe Bezos should treat his assistants, and people at Amazon, in general better.

Amazon is notorious for a horrible corporate culture. Bezos has no shortage of people around him who hate his guts. But sure, let's blame Trump because your own people hate you.

A third theory, that the leak was politically motivated, is one that investigators believe would explain not just the leak itself, but its publication in the Enquirer, rather than a more reputable outlet, and the extensive resources that the tabloid devoted to digging into the story.

Why would a more reputable outlet want to publish it? But sure, let's piggyback this on Russiagate.

That avenue of investigation stems from Bezos’ new role as a punching bag for President Donald Trump. The president gleefully promoted the Enquirer’s story, using it to hammer Bezos over his ownership of The Washington Post, which Trump frequently maligns as a hostile advocacy arm of Amazon.

"Trump hacked my phone! We need another Mueller investigation!"

With Bezos’ sudden political lightning rod status in mind, investigators are eyeing individuals with ties to various figures in the president’s orbit, who might have also had access to Bezos’ or Sanchez’s phones.

Why would anyone except Bezos and his forty assistants have access to his phone?

Jon Hammond, a spokesman for Enquirer parent company American Media Inc., declined to comment on the publication’s sourcing. An Amazon spokesman did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

...except that somebody on Team Bezos planted this trial balloon in the Daily Beast.

The fact that the texts ended up at the Enquirer has fueled Bezos’ investigators’ suspicions that the leak was politically motivated. The tabloid’s chief executive, David Pecker, admitted last month to using the Enquirer to facilitate a hush money payment to one of Trump’s alleged mistresses during the final weeks of the 2016 campaign. Pecker is a longtime Trump friend and ally, and tone of his publication’s coverage—it labeled Bezos a “schmuck” in one story, for example—has struck investigators as even more venomous than typical Enquirer fare.

Fact check, Bezos is not a shmuck. He's a putz. 

If Bezos thinks that being called a shmuck is "venomous", he needs to hire more Jewish employees.


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