Bob Woodward Really Glad His Job Isn't Churning Out Russiagate Conspiracy Theories

The media fiction market is booming. But that just means finding ways to connect Russia, Chabad, the NRA, a kindergarten on M Street, two guys named Pierre who lived in Montreal in 1962 with Donald Trump.

Bob Woodward, the guy every D.C. media conspiracy theorist wants to be, is really happy that's not his job.

Veteran journalist Bob Woodward told The New York Times he's "thankful" he doesn't have to cover the Russia investigation on a daily basis. 

“I say to you on the record, I am thankful I don’t have to cover this story on a daily basis,” Woodward, whose reporting on Watergate for The Washington Post helped lead to former President Richard Nixon's resignation, said, adding that “the hydraulic pressure in the system is just so great."

“The impatience of the internet — ‘give it to us immediately’ — drives so much, it’s hard to sort something like this out," he said. 

Yes, it's hard to sort out whether the super intelligent kangaroos were secretly funneling money to Trump using Chabad or if the Trilateral Commission was controlling the weather over Trump hotels to increase business in time to break the next New Buzz Times story.