Canadian Indian-Jamaican Kamala Harris to Announce 2020 Run on MLK Day in Oakland

Sometimes it seems like everyone except African-American politicians benefited from this new diversity. 

Senator Cory Booker is the only African-American candidate is the 2020 race right now. And he's lagging behind. Meanwhile Senator Kamala Harris, the daughter of Jamaican and Indian parents, who was raised by her Indian mother in Canada, will announce her 2020 run on Martin Luther King Day in Oakland.

That's hitting all the right African-American notes for someone who qualifies even less to appropriate those historic experiences than Obama did.

African immigrants to the United States have been very successful. And that's a great thing. But it's deeply cynical of politicians like Obama or Harris, who were raised by non-black parents, outside African-American environments, to exploit African-American resentment and white guilt with heavy handed symbolism like this.

While most African-American representatives remain in the CBC ghetto, Harris will try to succeed Obama by hitting the same chords.