Dem Gov Who Helped Union Steal Money from Family Members of the Elderly and Disabled to Run in 2020

If there's a Democrat anywhere in America, elected or unelected, who hasn't announced that he's running for the White House in 2020, he or she has proven impossible to find. Every single Democrat official is running. Even though there's no point and no hope. But there's ego.

There are too many people announcing bids for the White House. Here's another one of them.

 Jay Inslee, the governor of Washington state, is running for president with a single-issue focus on climate change.

The governor’s intention to compete for the Democratic nomination was announced in an article published Wednesday in The Atlantic.

Inslee has served as governor of the state since 2012. One of focuses has been environmental concerns in the state, including reducing the use of fossil fuels while pushing alternative energy development and boosting green jobs, according to his bio.

As governor, he also has pushed for investments in education, creating jobs, supporting workers and boosting the state’s transparency, his official bio said.

Also, aside from the usual Green Mafia stuff, which will benefit the same people he no doubt expects to raise money from, he helped unions steal money from caregivers for the elderly and disabled.

This is a particularly slimy scheme that you don't hear much about because the media is an arm of the perpetrators. You can read entire news stories on it without them ever mentioning exactly what awful thing it entails.

SEIU has pushed to forcibly unionize home health care workers. These include private and independent caregivers... and family members.

What that means is that unions are forcibly collecting dues from parents caring for their disabled children or children caring for their elderly parents. And then passing on that money to Democrats, like Governor Inslee.

When we talk about Democrats having no conscience and no sense of right or wrong, this is a perfect and perfectly horrible example.

With the passage of SB 6199 by the Washington State House of Representatives in a contentious vote last week, final adoption of the bill depends on Gov. Jay Inslee’s signature.

Yesterday, the Freedom Foundation and three individual provider home care aides (IPs) delivered to Inslee’s office petition cards signed by 820 caregivers urging him to do the right thing and veto the legislation. An additional 44 cards were submitted this afternoon.

Tammy Shipler, a parent caregiver from Lacey, explained:

SB 6199 will force me, as a parent provider, to be employed by a private entity. I don’t need to be managed by some private company to care for my own son. This bill will also take away my constitutional right, as recognized in Harris vs. Quinn, to choose whether to support SEIU 775 with 3.2 percent of my pay. This doesn’t make any sense to me. Losing those funds will put more stress on our single income home.

Sorry, Governor Inslee is making too much money by stealing from family members of the elderly and disabled.

According to campaign finance disclosures, an independent expenditure group called Our Washington spent about $700,000 last year opposing Inslee’s Republican challenger, Bill Bryant.

Among the top donors to that group were political action committees connected to the Service Employees International Union, which gave about $460,000 leading up to the 2016 election. The Washington Federation of State Employees, the largest union of Washington state employees, gave $250,000 to the group.

Those contributions formed roughly half of the $1.4 million Our Washington raised during the 2016 election cycle.

The new contracts Inslee’s office negotiated will cost the state $500 million over two years, and include cost-of-living raises of roughly 6 percent for most state workers.

At least Governor Inslee already has a 2020 platform. "Steal from family members of the elderly and disabled, Give to myself."

But look on the bright side, Inslee may abuse family members of the elderly and disabled, but he isn't even the most evil candidate in the 2020 race.