Elizabeth Warren Accuses America of Colonizing Puerto Rico

Senator Elizabeth Warren acts like she has nothing to lose. And her tone deaf campaign is one overreach and humiliating failure after another. This time, Warren, who does best with elderly wealthy lefties who believe in UFOs, tried to appeal to Hispanic voters by going down to Puerto Rico and echoing seperatist rhetoric.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren rebuked the Trump administration for its response to Hurricane Maria during a rally in Puerto Rico on Tuesday, committing to combat any diversion of federal funding from disaster relief toward building a border wall.

Speaking in San Juan, the Massachusetts Democrat advocated investigating the federal response to the devastating storm, even calling for the resignation of Federal Emergency Management Agency Director Brock Long. She also advocated a “Marshall Plan” for the territory and an audit of Puerto Rico’s debt, which has mired its government and infrastructure for decades.

The Dems are permanently stuck in the 30s and 50s. Their only ideas involve a new New Deal or Marshall Plan.

During her Tuesday address, Warren advocated a post-9/11-style inquiry into the Trump administration’s response to the storm, which researchers say led to over 2,000 deaths. Warren accused the Trump administration of “waste” and “incompetence,” and barring FEMA workers from the resources necessary to rebuild the island.

The 2,000 number is fake news and has long since been disproven. Those numbers were achieved by counting deaths that took place long after the hurricane.

"In the face of the deadliest natural disaster in recent U.S. history, the president and his allies in Congress want to pretend nothing happened here," Warren said. “The legacy of colonialism dies hard. I say that it’s time to change that.”

The legacy of colonialism?

Warren can't be bothered to learn the local history and politics of the place she's virtue signaling this week. But talking about colonialism is separatist rhetoric. And that's most popular among Puerto Rican lefties in the US, not Puerto Rico. But of course Warren doesn't actually care about Puerto Rican voters in Puerto Rica, but in Florida. Puerto Rico is just a backdrop in her chess game.


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