Illegal Alien Driver Kills Son of Fire Dept Captain

This is what Pelosi and Schumer have shut down the government to protect.

Franco Cambrany Francisco-Eduardo was arrested in connection with the crash for driving without a license and is currently being held for immigration and customs enforcement.

22-year-old Pierce Corcoran was killed when Francisco-Eduardo's truck veered into oncoming traffic and struck his Honda Civic head-on. Pierce is the son of Knoxville Fire Department Captain DJ Corcoran.  

For firefighters responding to the crash, it was as if they were trying to save the life of one of their own. 

"The passions are higher, the performance anxiety is higher, the questions about what did I do right and what did I do wrong are higher, and those are difficult circumstances for any responder," said Trumpore. "It’s not that you do a different job, you do the same job. But you have the passion knowing that it’s one of your own."

Here's what happened.

Police responded to the crash at about 6:39 p.m. on Saturday. According to the investigation, a Chevrolet pickup truck was heading north on Chapman Highway when it veered into the southbound lanes of traffic and hit a Honda Civic driving south on Chapman Highway.

That led to "a chain reaction crash," the release stated.

Pierce, who was driving the Honda Civic, and a passenger in the car, 21-year-old Jade Damecia Adams of Smyrna, were taken to UT Medical Center, where Pierce was pronounced dead, according to the release.

Francisco-Eduardo, of Oak Ridge, was charged with No Drivers License and No Proof of Financial Responsibility.

He remained jailed without bond Monday morning pending action by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

This is reason #83495 why we need a wall.