Media Suddenly Interested in Plight of Saudi Women Under Islam

It's not just that I disagree politically with the media. It's possible to disagree with someone and still respect their convictions and integrity. The mainstream media however is purely contemptible. It will tell any lie and spin any spin that suits its toxic agenda.

The media couldn't care less about the treatment of Saudi women for generations. Then the Saudis turned on the Muslim Brotherhood. The new king made some limited reforms on the treatment of women. And the media joined in a Qatari pro-Brotherhood information operation against the Saudis.

Now, after generations of ignoring the mistreatment of Saudi women, the media is suddenly running multiple pieces about it. Not because it cares about the impact of Islamic law on women.

That's why there are no pieces on the treatment of women in Iran or Pakistan.

Just Saudi Arabia.

Because the media has no ethics or principles. It has agendas. And those agendas have zero to do with human rights.


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