The Media's Bizarre Trump Hotel Conspiracy Theories

90% of the media's reporting involves Trump conspiracy theories and the other 10% trending topics.

In the rich lefty fields of Trump conspiracy theories, Trump hotel check-ins form a major genre. The theory goes like this. Foreign governments and domestic corporations are secretly bribing President Trump by staying at his hotels.

Somehow, Trump had a booming business in hotels before becoming the guy in the White House. But the popularity of his hotels today is entirely due to bribery.

Take this hysterical piece of conspirazoid clickbait from the Washington Post. "T-Mobile announced a merger needing Trump administration approval.  The next day, 9 executives had reservations at Trump's hotel. "

That's quite a headline.

So the working theory here is that T-Mobile execs determine their hotel stays based on their lobbying needs. And how exactly does this work?

T-Mobile announces a merger and then swiftly dispatches its execs to stay in a Trump hotel. Meanwhile the reservations desk at the hotel promptly phones the White  House and informs the Chief of Staff that 9 T-Mobile execs and no AT&T execs are checked in, so it's best to give T-Mobile some favorable treatment because they're staying at a Trump hotel?

This is embarrassingly stupid nonsense. But these days that's a succinct description of the entire media.


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